Simple Woman's Daybook ~ April 5

FOR TODAY Sunday...

Outside my window... it is dark

I am thinking... about how hard my daughter can work. She seems happier while she is busy. Today she learnt about the properties of wire. I remember my parent or uncle telling me about wire springing back. Seems such a long time ago.

I am thankful for... God's peace

From the kitchen... Red Curry Beef & Bok Choy

I am wearing... op-shop jeans, I have more than one even though I am not a standard size, and an old t-shirt, it looks to be thin, so will be gone in a year I imagine

I am creating... a shopping list for food

I am going... food shopping

I am reading... I have a choice between 1. Remedy for Regret by Susan Meissner 2. Secrets on the Wind by Stephanie Grace Whitson or 3. Until We Reach Home by Lynn Austin. Any suggestions?

I am hoping... that certain chocolates are not crushed, should have seen it coming

I am hearing... the girls TV shows and frying meat

Around the house... a peach coloured rose my daughter brought me from the other house

One of my favorite things... walking along near the apple tree on the roadside in the grass, felt like on the farm

A few plans for the rest of the week: maybe I will watch a TV show about people who can't read or write, it nearly made me cry already, it is on Austar tomorrow?

Here is picture thought I am sharing... if you will please excuse my good mop bucket that a large child didn't put away, this is the site of the chicken/chook house up against the fence. It faces north, and the cage doesn't have much eaves. I hope this is a good way to site it. From the woodshed across is going to be my orchard or that is one plan if the move goes ahead OK. I like it here too, that is the problem. Left of the woodshed is the area for vegetables. I am very happy with the progress of the olive tree. The soil came from under the house, and will be moved to the vege patch I think. We have already marked out the spot, basically continuing on from the two rows of berries. The tap is where the original toilet stood.

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scrappy quilter said…
My suggestion...Until we reach Home. It's a wonderful book. I so enjoy her writing.

Have a great day.
Jules said…
I love Lynn Austen. I haven't read that book but I'd recommend this author any day!

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