Thankful Thursday

I found where it is hosted today, yay. Click on the graphic to take you there!

My thankful list:

~ finding a self-sown primula or rather three, one with a flower

~ smelling flowers in our front yard (winter here) turns out to be either jonquils or wintersweet, though since then it has been too cold and wet to smell them, at the time it was hope for the future

~ hearing my favourite bush bird last year it gave hope that spring was coming, though not even mid winter here yet, I think late winter is when I heard it last year

~ my second son passed Unit 3 English in his final year of High School, and he got more Hs than Ls or Ms

~ found some more Lauraine Snelling novels to borrow from the library (rather found the library had them)

~ found others in town have turned on their Christmas in July lights

Theme for today is Freedom.


Rocks said…
God bless your thankful heart :) I hope I can have the time to read good books too again.I miss doing that.
scrappy quilter said…
I'm thankful I can comment to this post. What a wonderful thankful list. I love reading these. It's always so neat to give thanks for things in our lives.

New author on my blog Linda!!
Lauren said…
Christmas in July!!! How fun!!! :D
Karen said…
Talking about smelling flowers, I think two of my favorite flowers to smell are carnations and what I think are lilacs (they may be hyacinths).

Hope you have a wonderful day!
Jerralea said…
I love Laurine Snelling novels, too! I love smelling flowers, I think my favorite are peonies. I don't know if they grow in Australia ...
Angela said…
What a beautiful thankful post..I LOVED the 'smelling the flowers'.
Joyce said…
Hi, Linda,
I have been a bad blogger, but am finally visiting round. I want to start doing these thankful posts again, too. Take care!
Linda said…
What lovely comments, thanks everyone.

I love hyacinths. I have some in a pot flowering, but there are other plants in there, but still very much worth a sniff.

Maybe soon the wattle or mimosa will be out!
Daisy said…
This is a beautiful post! Indeed we must all be thankful for everything around us...

I also joined this week's meme so hope you come by and visit

Rita T. said…
Sounds like you have tons to be grateful for. Have a wonderful weekend!
Lynn said…
Hi Linda,

Oh how I wish I was there with you to see the Christmas in July lights. Loved reading your post. I have a few friends who live in your area. I always love to hear them describe their winter while we are in summer and vica versa.

Great post. See you again on Thursday. Hugs.

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