Thankful Thursday

I am thankful this week for:

~ seeing a harvest moon rise

~ our car stopped on the other members of our family not far from home and the garage owners dropped them off back home. Later on in the day a man helped them push it when it stopped again. We since have replaced our starter motor

~ last Thursday all the meats were available that I wanted to buy

~ I think my bulbs that didn't flower last year after being planted are now flowering

~ my rose garden being weeded and pruned as it will bring joy in the coming months as the violas continue to come up, flower and grow, along with the tulips

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Denise said…
I enjoyed your thankful post.
scrappy quilter said…
I always enjoy your thankful list. Again thankful I can get to your blog. I truly wish blogger would get the problem fixed. It's a tad annoying because it just isn't your blog. Have a wonderful day.

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