My first graduation day!

I have never been to a graduation ceremony. If you have missed my first post, my son graduated yesterday. The first lot of pictures are here. I will post some more pictures for Skywatch Friday. He is my eldest son. I don't have anyone in my family who has graduated before except two cousins. Since I don't have a lot of cousins and grew up with them, that is pretty special too. My husband graduated a very long time ago, and his sister in the 80s I think.

Our son graduated at Parliment House, Canberra. My children have visited it before, but my husband and I haven't been there, and we were allowed to go around and have a look. We went on the rooftop as well. I didn't realise there was a view of the old Parliament House with the War Memorial in the background. I enjoyed seeing the pictures of the Prime Ministers. The Senate is a little boring as it looks exactly the same as it does on TV. I loved the views of the gardens out the various windows.

We had left the house before 5am to be there in time. We only had to one day as my husband could only take the one day off work. Luckily the weather was kind to us. On the way home we noticed that some road actually close during the colder weather. We didn't have to deal with frosty road either. The photo is of the children outside parliment house, the top photo inside parliament house.

There were members of the diplomatic core in attendance for the graduants from their country. I was interested in the colours, like the red in the case of our son.

  • Diploma (3-years) - Black hood with turquoise blue lining
  • Degree of Bachelor (3 and 3.5 years) - Black hood with red lining
  • Degree of Bachelor (4 years) - Black hood with maroon lining
  • Graduate Certificate or Diploma - Black hood with gold lining
  • Degree of Master - Royal Blue hood with gold lining
  • Doctor of Philosophy - Royal Blue gown gold facings, a black bonnet and a royal blue hood with gold lining
  • Doctor of the University - Royal Blue gown gold facings, a black bonnet and a royal blue hood with gold lining

The first photo shows a little bit of how happy our son was. This photo above I think was when they went around the second time? Anyway the first time, you could tell he was very happy. I was keeping my tears in check until the time came for the graduants to show appreciation for the support of their family and friends and that was when I cracked up. I hope there is no more graduations or weddings any time in the next few months, I don't think I could handle it lol.

Despite my best intentions of not making this a photo essay, I have found that having my daughter home today from school and taking her to the doctor, going to the chemist, talking a few times on the phone still in excitement from yesterday and organising a passport for our daughter, I am starting to forget things. I am still very tired from my early start.


Sarah Lulu said…
Congratulations to ALL of you!

A wonderful celebration of your very clever son.
joolzmac said…
Hi Linda

Wow, how proud you must be! Well done, Son!

cheers - Joolz
Linda said…
Thank you Sarah.
Belinda said…
Congratulations to all of you,

A uni graduation is almost always a family achievement.

Kind Regards
Anonymous said…
Many congratulations!

What great photos too and what a day!
Crunchie's Mum said…
Congratulations! How very exciting. We are just on the begining of tertiary education with one child doing his first year of uni and one starting next year. Its an exciting time - don't they grow up so quickly!
scrappy quilter said…
Congratulations to your son. What a great accomplishment. And congrats to you as parents. Great pictures.
JGH said…
He looks very handsome and happy - you must be proud. Beautiful location, too. Enjoy this special time!!

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