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Today while looking for something to write about kindness I typed in google "why be kind". Very quickly I came across the respected Radio National program here in Australia. My husband and also a good online friend listens to it. You can listen to them online, which is usually what I do, well a little bit. This is what the webpage says:

"Who's the kindest person you know? You probably have to think about it quite a bit...

Our next guest wants to remind us just how important this quality can be. Stefan Einhorn says that being kind can not only help others, but it can help us achieve a more successful and meaningful life."

You can find the podcast here, I moved the dot about a third of the way across to the start of the interview. Below are the main points of the interview, the book itself is available to read on the internet, The art of being kind. It is the book that the interviewee wrote after being in a career until a midlife change, and now his career is actually doing better.

Kindness is:
being generous
also generous with praise & encouragement
generous with sharing honor
handling conflict in a good way
see that person you pass each day, asking how they are and listening to their response
trying to develop your empathy

it is an art

Some people think that kindness is being a wimp being slightly stupid and weak. The author thinks (if I have heard properly) to be kind you have to be exemplary, have good judgement and courage and integrity, take tough decisions that people could be upset with, it is being strong.

I have found this myself and was thinking about what I could say to that person in my mind, by way of explanation. However you end up looking stupid because you have to have it explained to you "why are kind people stupid". I often wondered if that was why I come across to some people as stupid and it seems to be the case.

Anyway, it is great to have a book to read about kindness and it's advantages, and maybe get some support on this dumbness issue. Having said that, the hardest of the kindness points raised for me is:

see that person you pass each day, asking how they are and listening to their response

it is like it is outdated, or I feel it is. Maybe time is a counterforce, like the author says in the interview.

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You find the greatest things for your Simply Kind Tuesdays! Thanks so very much for sharing your treasures - and wisdom!
Joyce said…
Hi, Linda,
Going out of one's way to be kind is not 'normal' in our society, but in such a good way. I think being kind is part of being the 'salt and light' that Christ talks about in the Bible.

I need to get my act together and start participating again in this worthwhile meme every Tuesday!

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