Back to Basics Challenge

Sowing seed or Planting

  • we moved our camellias, that have been there (moved once already) for two years. The roots don't seem to be growing on some of them. They were planted in what turned out to be a place where water went through the ground and under our new house. So we are going to disconnect the watering system, and dig out a path from where the trench we have already dug is. I am happy with the planting, I checked on the internet this morning how big Japonicas grow width wise. That is if they make it.
  • While I was in the regional centre perhaps I saw some sacred bamboo or nandinas in front of some box hedges. I had seven box hedge plants, reasonable size, and luckily six nandinas where the camellias were planted. So far we have two nandinas in their new spot. Not so much digging was done, hopefully the ground is still soft next week. This week it was slightly too wet for weeding.

Planning for The Future

  • I got some nice spices. Not sure how practical they are but I have been wanting some for awhile, French lentils and Ras El Hanout, Wattleseed & Harissa Paste. They are in my IGA, and are quality ones from Herbies Spices.

Working for the Future

  • I organised this morning to let the Family Assistance people know I won't be lodging a tax return so I can get money either for uni for my son, or to buy insulation for the house, or maybe some paint. I hope I can juggle things in a good way.

Building Community

  • I went to my daughter's gym concert.

Learn a new Skill

  • I ordered some ringgits from the bank and I will get to see what they look like. They are for my daughter's trip. It turns out I ordered too many, but it wasn't a disaster. I now have to put the rest into a card you get at the Post Office.

This meme comes from Belinda's blog.


scrappy quilter said…
You've been busy. Those spices look interesting. Hope you have a wonderful day.
Linda said…
Thank you scrappy.

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