That's My World Tuesday

The streets of Melbourne, from the Victoria Market carpark, which happens to be where those headstones were moved from in a previous post, and the Flagstaff Gardens. Two hundred and twenty graves were moved.

My daughter went to the market to buy presents for her host family that she is staying with in Malaysia next month.

Of course, this is not exactly round the corner from us, 5 1/2 hours drive, down the mountains and down the freeway. We used to live closer so very fond of Melbourne.


scrappy quilter said…
What beautiful pictures.
vIC mARKET WAS A PLACE I always loved.
My Hubby worked right there in William st and would go over at Lunch and buy great meats and fish!

Had heard abit bout the Graveyard thing....Never knew more tho.
LadyFi said…
A long way to drive to get there. Looks very clean and peaceful.
SandyCarlson said…
That's an interesting landscape.

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