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Outside my window... clouds sitting on the horizon

I am thinking... how much my leg and back didn't like sitting in the car for three hours yesterday. So looking forward to my chiropractor visit, my back it healing each day, but that was a little too much for it

I am thankful for... the op-shop having the exact tap for the kitchen that I have been needing for a long time and haven't been able to provide for myself, can't wait to see it installed, God is good, very loving? Also I got the outfit I needed, the costume for Oliver Twist

I am wearing... jeans, red skivvy, red windcheater, beige socks and fluffy electric blue slippers

I am remembering... to go brush my teeth before I finish this post. I went to the periodonist today, so glad it is over, at least for the time being

I am going... to the deb ball tonight with all of my children and my husband of course

I am reading... Beverly Lewis, getting back into it again

I am hoping... I get the courage to put on the makeup in the bag I have got from Myer, it is a freebie if you buy about $50 worth, we got lipstick to take to my daughter's makeup session so she could bring it home to use again, these days you have gloss to go over that as well, putting us into the freebie category

On my mind... what to serve the softdrink (soda) and chips etc. in, didn't get that done yesterday

Noticing that... my boys should be here soon!

Pondering these words... no words today

From the kitchen... quiche for daughter so she doesn't mess up, maybe noodles for us, something quick

Around the house... on the clothesline is my haul from the op-shop, though there are more things to be washed. I got a whole outfit for Oliver Twist for my daughter. I have a leather cap, a long button through shirt, a long brown skirt and a knit green lacy tie front cardigan. She doesn't like it alot, she had her heart set on her teacher's wife finding her one, but I said she could give it to her for another child, but we'll see.

One of my favourite things... my new shoes look nice and satiny, and I got my bracelet, but not really enthused in wearing jewellery, hopefully I will enjoy it when the time comes

From my picture journal... had lovely photo opportunities yesterday, with all the green grass and the lovely autumn leaves this year, the scenery is stunning. Where we live the leaves are more red than in the rest of Victoria, the parts I have seen. Anyway, I left the camera at home, it took 10 1/2 hours just to do what I had to do already

this is my middle other daughter's outfit, she got the boots she wanted from Target, gorgeous shiny bit on the toe, she doesn't really want to wear the black shrug though

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Jan said…
All the best for the Deb Ball, have a wonderful time. Look forward to the pics. Hope your leg and back cope OK. The make-up and hair are a big production, hope everyone is happy how they look.
You did well at the Op-shop, I've never noticed a tap at one.
Love and Blessings - Jan
Debbie said…
Can't wait to see the pics of the Deb ball with you all gussied up.
Have a great time at the ball.
Love the electric blue slippers :0)

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