Spiritual Sunday

On the CD I didn't think as much of this song as I did watching the video and thinking of it in terms of where I live and the views I see. Seeing the dirt road at the start, and listening to the words about the birds. This morning around 5 I heard lots of birds singing, even the wattle bird got involved. See my rainbow, the photo my girls took on Thursday, lovely.


There's nothing more precious than getting up early, listening to the birds sing the song of praise to God and seeing His magnificent creation. It's good to find a believer across the world who shares in this wonderful way to worship. God bless, Dr. Bobbi
What a beautiful video,and the words as well. I love open fields like that. Listing to the birds in the morning is so peaceful to me.
God Bless,
Charlotte said…
God's blue sky cathedral is the most beautiful cathedral of all. Thank you for sharing the lovely video. It reminds me of the dirt roads out in the country in Oklahoma when I was a little girl and went there to visit relatives. I remember being impressed by the ruts that cars had to drive in. Thanks for the memories.

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