Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Watery Wednesday

These photos were taken today while I was at the dentist. Three of the kids came. My middle daughter used her money from her paper run and got shoes and lots of $5 t-shirts from Jay Jays I think. These photos are from my hometown, I used to take the older kids to play in the park and I think my husband used to take them to feed the ducks regularly, then it dropped away before we moved. It is hard to remember now, and I suppose that is a good thing.

Among the ducks were wood ducks, which are actually not ducks, but native geese. My husband years ago used to like hunting ducks. You can also see the kindergarten some of my kids went to for pre-school.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY Tuesday...

Outside my window... brilliant beautiful North East Easter sunshine streaming through my window

I am thinking... well not now, but I have been thinking about the deb dress I have to lace up on the night, that will stretch me won't it?

I am thankful for... lots of things that I should have been writing down to share

I am wearing... orange t-shirt, jeans, socks, my new electric blue slippers

I am remembering... that I have to drive to my hometown

I am going... to the dentist, nothing serious

I am reading... the library hasn't had a book for me for awhile, hopefully today they will unpack one, hopefully in the next three hours, or there is always Thursday

I am hoping... for a great library book to read

On my mind... renovating, painting

Noticing that... I didn't last too long on the new blogger editor

From the kitchen... homemade pizza, that my eldest daughter is making

Around the house... newsletters from the council, planning stuff from the council, luckily I don't think it will affect us that much. The newsletter was encouraging though, they will be getting cameras for the bushfires, though it may take awhile. It will also help with weather reporting which in our case I think it makes us seem cooler in summer than it really is usually.

One of my favourite things... my second son saying "hi Mum"

From my picture journal... two of my kids sitting at a picnic table near an old submarine

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Saturday, March 27, 2010

How Green Was My Valley

The title of this post comes from a lovely book I read as a child.  The photos were taken today by my husband.  The last one is nearer to home, though they are all within 1 1/2 hours from here.  They are doing burning off in preparation for the next fire season, which makes me feel a little better.  I noticed something on the radio about it today.  

I noticed it is green going in the other direction too when I went out on Friday.  The top two are in Southern New South Wales.  I like the green on the bush floor.

What I learnt this week

Today I woke to a new thing on Blogger, with new blog templates etc. and decided to try one out. Yesterday there was the ability to advertise books and things. What I have learnt is:

1. I lost my label drop down box. I love blogger so I expect this glitch in bringing across things like that will disappear. However mine is lost.

2. At the moment I can't change fonts.

3. Having book ads means you have to use the new editor, hmmm.

All a bit overwhelming but fun I suppose.

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Thursday ~ I was given a turkey to cook.  Those who follow my blogs may know that I was doing a meatless menu because I was trying to save money.  I did buy some frankfurters as they were only $4 kilo.  Also some bacon as I had all the other ingredients for Fettucine Carbonara.  I wonder how many meals you can make for five or six from a turkey, it is a marinated one, I don't think I knew about those.

Also we were given a Target gift card for $50 and my daughter found an old Target card that has a few dollars on it, that turns out to be still current.  I will be buying either socks or a winter nightie.

I have been wanting a deck chair to sit out in the garden, would you believe since 2002.  I used to sit in the front yard in our hometown before we moved for the one year to Flowerdale then came here.  I had my eyes on a moon chair, but wanted a deck chair really.  Every time I go to the newer house to help with gardening, I sit on these plastic kids chairs, very uncomfortable.  Now I think I have 5!  I was given them, they were nearly the same as my original one, that I used in our first house that we lived in for 16 years.

My girls were given two sets of three matching hat boxes, very pretty, I always wanted those too.  

I couldn't leave the post without mentioning the large box of clothes my Mum posted for our second son with money for jeans, the money we were given for petrol for going to our new house to renovate and two weeks labour by two people to get some things done.

I have been working on my budget for ages trying to get it to work.  Hopefully all will go smoothly, especially with all the kindness added in.

I am trying out these ads as I think they are fun.  I should have put it at the end, sorry about that.  Search for thankful

This month Thankful Thursday is at Women Taking A Stand.  During April you can find Thankful Thursday at Spiritually Unequal Marriage.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Another picture of the tree

I had some questions about my tree at the newer house. I suppose it is like a small inedible crab apple. My husband thinks they are 1cm in diameter, and he can take a closer picture of them perhaps on the weekend. This is a 2 year old photo.

Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY Tuesday...

Outside my window... a smoky view, it was interesting last night, my husband thought I wasn't sure if I wanted a picture but I did... never mind you can imagine, it was like one we have taken before. It is from burning off and cleaning up I think

I am thinking... how happy I am to be getting things done

I am thankful for... my bills maybe working out so everyone is happy for another weeks, not the companies, the family lol. It is school holiday time combined with Easter and two lots of family visits

I am wearing... t-shirt and jeans and warm socks and scuffs inside

I am remembering... all the things I have to pay for and buy, for the school photos before the office closes down for the holiday and things like that, maybe I will even get the bracelet I wanted at Sussan to go with my new black dress. It is a slow progression to the deb ball in early May, same with the bill schedule I try to do a bit at a time

I am going... to a dressmakers appointment for my daughter's deb dress. I found out something watching TV the other day. In the US the boys ask the girls to the prom. In Australia ladies, the girls ask the boy to partner her for the deb ball, which is the girls coming out into society, and I think in a small place like here, it would still have that effect, I decided lol

I am reading... only The Long Winter for the read along

I am hoping... my back does not regress for a long period of time, I don't look forward to driving the car

On my mind... how I forgot to give the kids their Christmas stocking lollies/candy, that is really bad, I'm sure they will have a lovely munching time after school today lol

Noticing that... the birds have managed to find a way to fly in their cage

From the kitchen... fettucine carbonara, oh how I love parmesan cheese!

Around the house... Christmas stockings lol

One of my favourite things... the color of the gladioli that is out at my other house this week

From my picture journal... from our other house, this is what is one one of the trees at the moment

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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Today's Flowers

My flowers have changed a little bit from last week. My bulb has come out more, and another gladioli has flowered. These are flowers from my other house, they grow very well there, especially since our dog isn't there. At our house though, my husband cleaned up the front garden ready for the Easter egg hunts of caramel eggs. In Australia we call the white flower an Easter daisy which of course is not it's proper name.

Today's Flowers blog.

Back to Basics Challenge

This is for the past month.

Sowing seed or Planting

I am very excited to have artichokes again after all these years!

Planning for The Future

I found out that romano beans in Australia are borlotti beans. I found this on a blog Belinda recommended for another bean called Lisa's Kitchen. I have been wanting to know for ages, as I know no one would have a clue on my menu plans what borlotti beans are. My menu plans are here.

I have been looking at menu planning videos on Youtube. What I found out you can view here. I have since borrowed the Destitute Gourmet book from the library to have a look as Debbie suggested, thanks Debbie. I liked the recipe for pumpkin and bacon pasta (a favourite here) that can be made without a bottle of mushroom Dolmio which we usually use.

I learnt you can make carrot cake icing without running out and buying cream cheese, you can use coconut cream, which I usually have on hand. It is very nice. Recipe here.

I had to stick Belinda's suggestion of a food blog on the sidebar of my other blog to remind me where it is. I have come to the end of the amount of blogs blogger allows me to follow. It was handy and I hope to use a recipe starting next week or the week after, and using up my stash of dried beans and lentils. I have quite a lot. It is sort of a pantry challenge. I have been doing a few lately, today I found we still have the odd thing from our Christmas hamper and they must really need using up by now.

Working for the Future

I am working on using up frozen baby carrots, a plum pudding, some mung beans, lima beans, and generally having a good look at what we have in the pantry, on the shelves and in the freezer.

We also have been looking at the paint we have in the shed, and trying to use it up rather than buying more. Today we surprised ourselves and found some ceiling paint we have been needing. We also had a surprise of pale pink pain that could be used on doors. We bought it when my daughter was a baby. The doors in question, one is quite broken, a solid door worth fixing, and a clean surface, even though it is pink, it is a soft colour and will look clean and fresh.

Building Community

Facebook has been helping catching up with people.

Learn a new Skill

I have been buying the Woman's Weekly, one copy, to get familiar with fashion again. Not to spend money, I was happy with how little I have spent for the deb ball. It seems like it is not necessary to wear a lot of makeup or jewellery for evenings these days. What do you all think? No one seems to wear stockings either.

This meme comes from Belinda's blog.

Country Music Pic


Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Thursday ~ I got a three lovely $20 Myer etc. gift cards in the mail from participating in Your Voice surveys

Friday ~ my daughter went to youth group and was given a bag of second hand clothes

Saturday ~ seeing a special bulb that my mil gave me that I wasn't sure if we had treated right, flower, that and a stunning white gladioli she gave me as well

Sunday ~ we had the ingredients to make a nice recipe using up some vermicelli noodles. Since I was doing a pantry challenge already, being able to make an extra meal was wonderful. It is called Noodle Frittata with Plum Sauce.

Monday ~ a special parcel in the mail with lots of things that I like very much, and needed, a gift.

This month Thankful Thursday is at Women Taking A Stand.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY Wednesday...

Outside my window... it has been nice lately, I bet it is beautiful outside today

I am thinking... about how my friend called Wednesday "hump day" like a hump in the road

I am thankful for... finding a jacket with warm furry bits around the neck for my daughter for winter, lets hope it turns out to be very useful

I am wearing... green capris and a t-shirt

I am remembering... my cousin, one similar to me who isn't feeling well

I am going... I have no idea what the weekend has in store. I think we will be at home, lawns and things.

I am reading... I have finished The Sound of Sleigh Bells by Cindy Woodsmall. At first I thought it was a Christmas story, but it isn't. A very insightful book, and very enjoyable. It is an Amish novel.

I am hoping... I am inspired when it comes to juggling bills this week

On my mind... a plan for my back, I think I probably just am uncomfortable due to scar tissue now, so moving around and doing more normal things, hopefully the discomfort will go away, was going to try to go to my hometown chiropractor when I go to the dentist but think it will be unnecessary

Noticing that... my daughter has a predicted cold after going to a mountain camp spot and finding the water so cold her legs were numb. They saw a snake swimming and lots of kangaroos, pics here.

From the kitchen... we may be able to get away with a night of left-overs tonight, a good saving on time and other things

Around the house... a new fish, a fantale, middle daughter thinks Tweedledum and Tweedledee good names for her birds

One of my favourite things... my novel I mentioned above

From my picture journal... a photo from the Agricultural Show which is like a County Fair, late February

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Monday, March 15, 2010

Today's Flowers

I went to our new house yesterday, it was a gardening day. However, the lawn is so large, all my husband was able to do was weed around the front of the house, near the door and the bed along the front wall. However, the bulbs my MIL gave me a few months? ago and we planted out have been happily growing and gave us a nice surprise. The gladi is in a new bed, that is not quite finished, but we are very excited about the bed. The poor trees with grass around them are osmanthus birkwoodii, we think we will pot them back up rather than let them grow and shade the neighbours roses. I am not a big fan of couch lawns, for obviously reasons.

I also was very happy with my windflower (reminds me of Edna Walling) they grow so well at our new house, very high. The highest we have ever had them in our garden. It is a shame I don't get to see much of my flowers at that house. We are very attached to the house in a lot of ways. Quiet and peaceful among over things.

Our jerusalem artichokes have budded up, haven't been able to write a Back to Basics post, hopefully I can be organised and make up a BTB post soon.

The bulb is very unusual to me. I think it is a gearnsey lily, I know it is named after a cow! Or was it a jumper? I couldn't follow the directions very well, but decided to treat it a bit like a hippestrum. By guernsey? I don't mean nerines. I wonder if it was mislabelled?

Flowers from Today blog.

More pictures from the show/fair


My little girl's floral saucer.


The animal nursery.


My middle daughter's very familiar photo and her vegetables she grew.


Tracy made my day!

A Hug From Pooh

Tracy at Sunny Corner Farm, you have made my day. Thank you Tracy.

Tracy had a giveaway "to mark the start of a new year full of potential and promise" that she announced here. And I was the winner, here. I am so happy with my prize. I heard the parcel lady come by, and was very surprised. All the things in the parcel are things I like, alot. I especially needed the hanging towel, as I had already decided I somehow needed to get my hands on one to replace another one. Not an easy thing since they are handmade. I found a pattern in a November magazine it must have been November 2008, and tried to buy a back copy, need to try to do that again, it is Better Homes & Gardens. The towel appropriately has a farm picture on it.

Also I have nothing to read today. Still trying to rest my back, Tracy sent me a copy of Cindy Woodsmall's The Sound of Sleigh Bells!! I know I will like it as Tracy likes the same kinds of novels I like. I am still unfamiliar with our replacement camera, it was our son's before us. Maybe I could get a pic later on.

Handmade natural soap, edged facewasher (I needed one of those too, seriously), a library bag, I actually did say to myself I needed one of those. My daughter and I have been using one my Mum made for my middle daughter, but it has her name on it. I thought it would be nice to have one for my little girl and I to use. Thank you Tracy. I like natural soap, dislike too many perfumes, thanks.

All wrapped up in a large good quality teatowel, also something I needed. Hugs Tracy.

Tracy's blog Sunny Corner Farm is a new one, and I see lots of new posts since I visited last (I still have trouble sitting for long periods). If you haven't been over there, you will enjoy it. Tracy relaunched, her old blog was lovely as well.

Friday, March 12, 2010

R.I.P. Kristian Digby

As the maker of this movie says: "Time passes and waits for no man....Its hard to think it is almost a week since he left us. How time marches on...such a loss for us." He died Monday week.

I was watching Open House near the end of last week, having a really enjoyable time, just loving everything about Kristian. Then I saw the credits, ...Kristian Digby ??-Mar 2010, I had a lot to say, it was only the first week or so in March. I couldn't believe it. I haven't really watched TV since. Admittedly I find sitting in front of TV uncomfortable at the moment, but it is true, I haven't sat down to watch anything since.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY Wednesday...

Outside my window... it's dark and quiet

I am thinking... about bills and shopping lists and about the Woman's Weekly, I don't usually buy it

I am thankful for... finding out the car needed a new hose, and that I found the hermit crab alive

I am wearing... old jeans, t-shirt, and old windcheater, socks, slip ons

I am remembering... the nice weekend we had with our second son home

I am going... nowhere until my car is fixed, a hose could blow oil at any time

I am reading... The Long Winter in the Laura Ingalls Wilder Read A Long, I have been able to reserve some more books from the library, my 13 year old daughter enjoyed Shredderman recently

I am hoping... to look at a clothes website and other things I found in the magazine

On my mind... how I need to keep up with uni goings on, timetables, deadlines to help out a little

Noticing that... it was a chilly night at 10 oC supposedly

From the kitchen... we had a version of Chow Mein, Beef & Cabbage Stir-fry

Around the house... my daughter's packed rucksack

One of my favourite things... the flowers my husband and daughter picked from our other garden on the weekend, the roses smell lovely when I am sitting at the table, there was also Balm of Gilead that actually makes a good cut flower, who would have thought

From my picture journal... another photo from St. Kilda

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Watery Wednesday

Continuing on with my husband's trip to Melbourne last Monday and Tuesday to St. Kilda, and his walk along the beach. I vaguely remember going there once and seeing green small crabs I think.