Monday, January 31, 2011

Happy Homemaker Monday

The weather in my neck of the woods:

Today 40°C
Tonight 21°C


28.2°C rising
Updated at 11:00 EDT

Things that make me happy:
I took Tatersmama's advice and put my picture on facebook that I had posted, and had a lot of fun, thanks Tatersmama

Book I am reading:
Nothing. I read the December Australian Woman's Weekly that I had started when I bought it and found it was nice lol.

What I am enjoying on TV:
Dating in the Dark Australia, it varies, but mostly very good
Trinny & Susannah
Kirstie & Phil

On the menu for dinner:
My daughters made these Red Velvet Cupcakes, they may be suitable for Valentine's Day. They are very nice, and that is coming from a person who is not into cakes these days.

On my To Do list:
Buy a bus ticket for our son to go home and start uni on Monday, give him money for food until Tuesday and things like that

New Recipe I tried or want to try soon:
Frypan Pizza

In the craft basket:
The curtains we have been wanting to split down the seam in the middle to have half each side of the window have been started

Looking forward to this week:
Going to my hometown, I'll be worried about money until after I know how much the dentist bill for my son is, but possibly it won't cost much at all. Will pick up a layby at Target (haven't done one in years) of my daughter's school bag, apparently it comes with lunchbox, you can see she chose it not me, it was the same brand we usually get so I thought that will do lol

Tips and tricks:
Trinny & Susannah say not to put black with a colour. My husband fixed my accidental purchase of cooking cream with gelatine.

My favourite blog post this week:
Ganeida's thoughts about things like South Park, kids clothes etc. here

Blog Hopping (a new discovered blog you would like to share with the readers):
no new blogs, the girls have been using my computer a lot

No words needed:

Lesson learned the past few days: experience dealing with men may help with overall confidence

On my mind:
just wondering if it will really get that hot today, and whether we will really get a lot of rain at the end of the week

Devotionals, Scripture Reading, Key Verses:
can't remember

This meme is from Sandra's blog.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Bee Gees - Turn Around, Look at Me

My husband doesn't like this song, but I think it is nice.

Friday, January 28, 2011

One Thousand Gifts

I heard about this book on Ember's blog here. Lots of the images are some of my favourite things too.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

My food shopping day

I went to the place I used to go to but haven't for a very long time. My husband can't help me much with grocery shopping so I took the two younger girls who wanted a nice pencil case from Mensland. My daughter always wants to go to these falls. They are on the way but a narrow road to get to them. There were a couple of cars of tourists there. It seemed to have more water than last time.

My daughter was taking shots to enter the scenery section of the local Agricultural Show in possibly March. Life seems to go on, with me dragged along behind I feel. I started this post to show you this picture of me, though I am not game to put it on Facebook.

There was a terrible op-shop in that town, then they moved into a new one. I found it was lovely. We ended up getting a lovely Pokemon doona cover, you can guess who it is for. I thought at first he could use it for material. My husband was sorry I didn't get the English tea set, teapot and cups etc. for $20, it was beautiful really. Royal W something with gold edges, in grey, tall teapot.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Country Music Pics for Australia Day

Well I have two more on my fb, but this one is the best. I can't imagine why the sign said checks at the start of the video though.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ronan Keating - If Tomorrow Never Comes

I've never seen the video for this, again my friend posted it.

Tal Bachman - She's So High

Despite the fact that I have given up love songs lately, my friend posted this on fb.

Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY Tuesday...

Outside my window... will open the blinds after my shower

I am thinking... enjoying Enrique songs, Be Yourself in particular, haven't been interested in his music lately, now enjoying it again

I am thankful for... my internet speed coming back up today. Grooveshark is fine in moderation!

I am wearing... my nightie, taking advantage of the kids not waking very early today

I am remembering... my husband has been at work at least twice during his holiday, including today. He has crutches for a wart that was removed from the bottom of his foot and today was the first time he has driven since about six days ago, I actually can't remember which day he had it done

I am going... maybe somewhere in a week's time, my husband starts work proper next week

I am reading... The Solitary Envoy by T. Davis Bunn & Isabella Bunn. It was a wonderful novel, suitable for mature Christians

I am hoping... nothing, I have very low expectations after not getting our painting done this holiday. Think very hard before agreeing to having anything frozen off your body.

On my mind... I suppose the pay week starts again, but mostly it feels like a holiday

Noticing that... it is cool, it never did get hot. When I saw cool, it is actually hot, but not very. Hard to explain, some would still find it hot.

Pondering these words... a quote from the Waltons where John Boy describes Erin's beau. He may not be a knight in shining armour, but he is devoted and persistent...

From the kitchen... whatever we get from the shop today, maybe something that includes the spinach we have in the fridge

Around the house... my daughter is wearing the dress she made with my Mum. I only heard that she learnt to tack darts. The dress suits her very well

One of my favourite things... the magazines Mum gives me at Christmas time that she has read, have lots of food magazines

From my picture journal... my daughter on her beach mission where she found a new friend that she talks to constantly now that she is home

I have some links to old Women's Weeklys and a library blog for you to look at. My husband got some family information following the Woman's Weekly link.

My husband has been watching a lot of TV, he usually only watches when I am asleep perhaps, or working hard. He said he saw a show of older models and they said something like some people look better when they are older.

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Being online is fun sometimes

It is getting more fun all the time don't you think?

I just got an email from ebay with personalised suggestions. It suggested I may like a print by Peiter Zaadstra. Upon googling Peiter Zaadstra images, I found I love his paintings more than any other Australian painter so far. And I didn't even know he existed.

He has gun dog pictures, I have a gun dog and my husband used to enjoy hunting. He also has shearing shed pictures, I used to sweep up after shearers (not sure how I fit so much into my years between say 7 and 14, I seem to be able to reel off lots of experiences).

The ebay store is outbackarts44.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Blog Sponsorship

Diary and Blog Giclee Print

My blog posts that take time to think about have been a little sparse lately. I have been meaning to tell you about my blog sponsor for some time now. I also have something to review that I haven't yet, but I digress.

In mid October I was emailed about possible blog sponsorship. I was never really sure what it was. In this case, for a link for a very very worthy case, I was given money to put towards doing something nice with my family. You can see the link on my sidebar.

"... we're a drug treatment center directory and substance abuse information website with the mission to teach our visitors about sobriety and addiction, ultimately encouraging our audience to contact a drug treatment center to begin their recovery process.

I came across your site by browsing around other Mom-identified websites doing research on what mothers think about the potential legalization of Marijuana in California (writing an article). While not related, I was impressed by your expressive and unabashed voice; it's great to read a few honest, 'all-out' posts every once in awhile (seems harder and harder to find these days).

I'm reaching out to you because part of my job at AllTreatment is to develop strong online relationships with other reputable websites and blogs like yours. Literally, this translates to creating links, which, if coming from a professional and active website, will help build the reputation of AllTreatment. This in turn helps our website show up higher in Google's search results, ultimately helping more people find and connect with drug rehab centers in the United States through our site.

I would like, if you're willing, to offer a small gift of ** dollars to sponsor your blog in exchange for a link to the AllTreatment network website we're trying to grow: Washington Treatment Centers. Linking to our Washington drug treatment center directory will have an impact on the lives of addicts looking to combat their addiction, most addicts are alcoholics or addicted to a form of cocaine (according to our research). It would also mean a lot to us as an organization.

If you are willing to accept our gift and sponsorship, we suggest (but of course, how you spend the money is your choice) you make a summertime picnic with a loved one, or use this money in some way to spend time with and enjoy your family. We want reward bloggers who are doing good things, and hopefully this gift will be a chance for your work to be appreciated in a concrete way..."

I found the whole thing very positive. A couple of years ago I was listening to blogtalkradio and on it it talked about your blogging voice. It was nice to get some feedback.

At the moment my self expression has moved on a couple of followers, which is bound to happen, and may have been a coincidence as you know there is a limit to how many blogs people can follow at one time, which means if you are at the limit of 300, someone has to go if you want to follow someone else.

Still I think if it is a subject Brooke Fraser sings about, a lady who is the head of worship at Hillsong, it is good enough for me too. My husband thinks I am having a teenagerhood about 30 years delayed. I think this is the first time I have stood still since then, and I guess can deal with things now.

Prayer wouldn't hurt me right now, so hopefully I am still being reasonable and will improve and will be able to concentrate on good informative posts. Like the offer of reviewing a product to help with kids and the internet and how to deal with facebook etc.

Country Music Pic

Steve Forde, an Aussie, How Long. Not sure everything is that urgent, but a great song.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Back to Basics Challenge

I can't believe it is a week since my last back to basics post. Wow. I know the school holidays will be over before we know it and a new exciting year will start. With lots of kids each year can be quite different so a bit of a shock each year with new challenges.

Sowing seed or Planting

Our raspberries are so tall now you can see them over the fence! Yay us!

Planning for The Future

I have been planning things. Not sure what they are atm.

Working for the Future

My middle daughter's bra was broken and my husband used a clasp from old bra that does up at the front. She had the bra one day, that I had driven with her to the regional centre to get and jumped on the trampoline and it broke. We found the old white bra while getting clothes ready to pack for their holiday. So stole the clasp on the front.

My husband took apart the roller door at the back of the house, and bought new rollers and put the door back together.

I ordered two light shades that cost $20 for two. They will be put up in the lounge.

Building Community

I spent three days at the pool for 1/2 hour or so each. I met the Mum of one of my daughter's friends, my eldest daughter. She is lovely. Caught up with my youngest daughter's teacher's wife. I appreciated them both a lot. Went up the street before the grocery shut for the night and saw some more people, so I'm happy with that. I feel I am getting more out of touch.

Learn a new Skill

My Mum is going to help my nine year old daughter make a dress. My daughter says she wants stripes. Hmm. I was about 12 when I drafted a pattern at school and made a little baby's dress of all things.

My son has been learning how to use the whipper snipper. My youngest has learnt backstroke at the pool.

I think just going up the street is keeping more up to date. Seeing what goes on, that is in this modern world, not in the world of my memories of how things are done lol.

My Mum says she is going to teach the two youngest to make plum pudding and Christmas cake. We will see if they do or not on their holiday.

I received Carla Emery's Encyclopaedia in the mail, so I will be reading it.

This meme comes from Belinda's blog.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Monday, January 10, 2011

Brooke Fraser- Scarlet

I can relate to this being in the middle of nowhere. I feel like that 1/2 hour from here on the way back from trips. A place for private thoughts.

Brooke Fraser - Deciphering Me

I needed help with the interpretation with this song, so happy with it. Got these words from here. I think it is beautiful and helpful like so many of Brooke's songs.

shanimal_cat said:
love song?

woyloyboog said:

the bridge makes me think its about God.

loaferz4life said:

if you watch the music video to "deciphering me", it seems like brooke fraser's playing off of sofia coppola's film "lost in translation", not only from the title (translation? deciphering?) but also the "neon" setting (aka. tokyo, japan, where LIT was shot), the clear umbrella brooke is holding (like the one scarlett/charlotte holds in the film), and the meaning of the song which responds so well to the plot of the movie.

if you haven't seen the movie, the movie is basically about a man and a young woman meeting by chance in a bar in tokyo. from there, they form a friendship, sharing each others life crisis (how they feel so out of place, empty). they continue to spend time with one another, until it's time for them to go their own ways. brooke speaks from either one of the two's shoes - they have met by chance, have created this unforgettable bond, yet, when they part, feel so helpless that they might be losing something (friend) that they might never find again. but, to brooke's singing, it's like they're telling one another, it's okay. we're not drifters in this thing called life. "we belong."

so perhaps a love song with a comforting messaging of unity through Him. that's just my take.

KevKun said:

I think this song is about a couple dissapearing in the Rapture(gravity falling, stars colliding, calling us home), and its really great. Such a beautiful song.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Trinny & Susannah and my recent shopping trip

Recently I was at my favourite op-shop (I posted about it here) back in November while I was on a big trip to the regional centre I got a book from Trinny & Susannah. In it was a mention of the Body Shape Bible that they wrote. I was excited about the book at the time even though it took me awhile to read it. So I ordered the Body Shape Bible from ebay for $20. It turns out the seller was related to a lady in a shop here. Since then I have bought a book from the lady in town for my Mum's Christmas present and Mum loved it. It was a local history. My Mum knows more about where I live than I do lol. She had friends that boarded in my hometown from here to go to school and we visited when I was about 6.

After a bit of hassle I worked out which of the body shapes I am. My husband helped me with it and a friend who researched what short waisted was, you can read about it here.

To give an idea what the book is like I have some links I collected to show my friend.

These are exactly the pictures I was working from. Took awhile but I am happy with my choice now.


Body types

12 shapes of Trinny and Susannah

Trinny and Susannah the goblet for example

body shape bible

What happened was, you know how I detest/"hate" going to the regional centre, mostly because even though I try very hard it is still usually bad for my budget. In the end I walked outside with my last year's shorts on, that looked like Humphrey B Bear so I had to go to get new shorts. My husband took in my black shorts that had two buttons you can use, he moved one lot. That is how I got shopping, with the black shorts. They are still too big. In the end when I tried on the other two pair of identical shorts to the Humphrey ones they weren't as bad, but still I think the new ones are better. They are the same, newer of course, but don't flop down in the crutch as much.

While I was in BigW, I got a size smaller by the way, I found a $10 top that is what Trinny and Susannah suggested for my body type. I also found in my cupboard a t-shirt that I haven't been wearing that is also very good, except perhaps the material too clingy, but not so bad. Both go well with two of the shorts. So I have two half decent casual outfits.

I was able to bypass the shorts in Myer because they either didn't look good on in the dressing room or didn't fit what T&S suggested, which is no pleats and extra material, no belts etc.

My eldest daughter came with me to help. My younger daughter who tends to help me spend her and my money was in town with her friend rather than with us.

Pictures from today

My husband took these photos for me because I don't have a recent header photo. They were taken near our new house by the Murray River that had two large floods this year. Floods that happen every 20 years or so, yes, two in one year. It includes a picture of a walnut tree growing by the river. I wonder if there will be any nuts. I have seen the cockatoos by the road eating plums fairly recently.

Country Music Pic

Josh Turner's Lord Have Mercy on a Country Boy.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY Thursday...

Outside my window... it is dark, but the Christmas lights are still on. Hopefully we will turn them off tomorrow. It is already the evening of the 6th here, wow

I am thinking... about a chapter I downloaded from a novel called Redemption by Karen Kingsbury here

I am thankful for... my daughter working out a nice outfit to wear to church and for my Mum encouraging her to do this. I even gave her my best shoes to wear as I have only worn them once. I haven't swapped shoes much until this year, so not something I normally think of. It is a silvery fitted dress, black shoes with small heel and her cross necklace. Need one of those fancy hair clasps she bought at her Nana's without beads this time, but something black or silver

I am wearing... I have just changed into my daggy cooler clothes, we are expecting a couple of warm nights

I am remembering... a blog post I read called Happy New Year at Kindred of the Quiet Way

I am going... I am lucky I can even drive my car, it is very sick and I am waiting until I can afford to fix it. I did go to the other house yesterday with my husband in the other car and checked out everything. We had moved our good table and couch there to help sell the house. The table looks nice, so that is a relief. Our son is helping his Dad move furniture and things like that while he is on holiday from uni

I am reading... I was really happy today to find my library has bought another series Heirs of Arcadia. I read Song of Arcadia he wrote with Janette Oke and at the end was looking for more to read I think from memory, lovely last story. So hopefully the library will send me The Solitary Envoy soon

I am hoping... I don't have to worry about my daughter at camp, so far so good. It is quite a long way away

On my mind... the work involved to get our house ready, lots of weeding we didn't have a chance to do before, then more painting, lots of travelling, and buying the odd thing and co-ordinating taking things to the tip and getting fill, and making our own mulch and perhaps buying some

Noticing that... Easter daisies are already starting to flower at our new house. And the ox-tongue lily is going to be huge

Pondering these words... "The eyes of the Lord search the whole earth . . . to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to him." 2 Chronicles 16:9

From the kitchen... lots of sausages and mince from Coles cheap. We were able to have Japanese pancakes with pork mince on them, a favourite

Around the house... my daughter wrote me a note on her new whiteboard/pin board. She is away on a mission and the note was very helpful

One of my favourite things... the jump suits? my daughter and her friend are wearing, my daughter got hers from Valleygirl and her friend, I'm not sure where but it is gorgeous. Seems a good look for young teenagers, they are around going on 14

From my picture journal... December 2009

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Monday, January 3, 2011

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Back to Basics Challenge

From the 29th December

Sowing seed or Planting

Planning for The Future

I am planning to get some paint when my husband is out going to the dentist. Since we like Haymes undercoat it is a thing that has to be planned out as we live a way from the shops. It was closed when I was there last week.

Working for the Future

My husband made up a sewing kit for my son to take home with his machine. His brother brought it home for him after Christmas. It has his left handed scissors in it that he used when learning needlework, I think in Year 7. He is now in second year uni. My Mum is making up another one with other things in it like scraps. She is also putting instructions on the pichu pattern they made out of pieces of a bear pattern, a free drawing and whatever else they did to create the beautiful pichu. Maybe he should sell pichu patterns on ebay lol.

The jam was made. It made around 16-17 jars. Which we think in practise saved us $100. I always have jam for school lunches and I buy the $7 jars from our fruit and vege order. My husband is going to make another batch. Apparently our preserves cupboard is looking very empty. Which is a good thing, it means we are actually using what we make. There is only plum stuff left and lemon and jam melon jam. All the jam melon pickles and chutney is gone, which is sad.

My mil said to my husband while I was out shopping the other day that she felt sorry for him that he had to make sauce from wild apples a couple of years ago. So she is making him homemade tomato sauce! We haven't had it for years and every time we use bought sauce it is slightly upsetting, at least to me. It is not the same since I grew up on homemade ezisauce tomato sauce. We actually have a jam melon that is not off, from last year. So it would be good if I can work out the cheapest pickles and next pay buy the ingredients. We may not have our own when the other house is sold. One plant did come up in a pot here, not sure how it is going. Actually they may be ripe before the house is sold since we haven't got it ready for sale as soon as we would have liked.

Building Community

Learn a new Skill

My Mum was telling me all about the sewing my second son, 19 and eldest daughter 17 were doing at her house. My daughter had previously been doing a square on calico during the end of this year for a surprise. It was a quilt square for a baby quilt that was presented at church. The ladies each did a square.

My daughter had been visiting a married friend's house to sew and only had trouble with the lazy daisy stitch. My Mum took them to Spotlight, and my daughter got her eyes on some green and white material. It ended up as a cushion back, and she designed her own picture to embroider for the front on calico. Mum taught her how to get the design ready to stitch.

This meme comes from Belinda's blog.

Brooke Fraser - Still in love

Love how facebook helps me find music I like. Years ago I just didn't know what to read, what to play. Found this person on fb and gradually finding songs I like from her and also Enrique that are suitable to play in the car.

I feel very blessed. A couple of years ago I bought a CD of a Kiwi Christian artist. After finding Brooke, I was wondering if I had her CD. It turns out last night my daughter gave me the album that includes this song. Now I can play it in the car.