University and Reading

Last year I thought I didn't read a single thing for the year, which is not usual I used to be a regular borrower from the library.  This year after writing an essay for uni and having to read scholarly journals, I was happy I finally read a novel.  I did my essay on Christian fiction, I won't say any more until I hand it in again in case I self plagiarise or something.

Corinne Rodrigues

It was very interesting actually evangelical Christian fiction was a big thing in the past, more about that later.  In the process I came across new Christian and gentle read novels, and really got into the first book in the Butternut Creek book series by Jane Myers Perrine.  So I am waiting on book two of this gentle read series.  Like Philip Gulley and Jan Karon it is based on a church community.  But like many recent novels they seem to have new interesting twists.

I am going to try to do a Literature major with Griffith University through OUA, either that or English Literature with Macquarie.  I think I have passed the first unit on the humanities pathway with Curtin, there are four I have to pass with a grade point average of four, which is pass, harder than you think.  I chose literature because I was choosing literature courses the most in MOOCS which I did as a practise for university.  Or MOOCS chose me as my first was one about Laura Ingalls Wilder, a popular course on that is now starting its third course on the subject.

This is my first uni textbook and I think some printouts. 


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