Simply Kind Tuesdays

I have been looking around the web for interesting things about kindness. I came across an article called Cultivating Kindness in Kids. Here is an idea what it is like:

"So, several weeks ago I made it my intention to do more random acts of kindness at home. The results have been nothing less then amazing! Now these acts have not been anything huge or time consuming, e.g., taking the trash out for my husband, turning on the electric mattress pad for him, etc. One of the things I like to do for the kids from time to time is to run their bath, put on one of my relaxation cds and light a candle while they soak. They love it!"...

a good read.

A little while ago, I was reading an article Belinda wrote about the Living the Theory of Anyway. Belinda was talking about being an adult, well not being one, but acting like one. Great reading. Anyway, my Mum and Nana to me act and acted like adults. They also are/were always doing kind acts like those. Something to think about.

There is a cow called Moozie, that teaches children about kindness. I found some colouring sheets on a Moozie site, Moozie says kindness is waiting your turn and Moozie says kindess is a smile.

Please visit Claudia, the home of Simply Kind Tuesdays at On A Limb with Claudia.


Scrappy quilter said…
This is one area I think many fail in. We find it easier to be kind to others rather than to our immediate family. However when we show little acts of kindness to our family, it makes life so much easier. Wouldn't it be great if we all started this? What a different world it would be.
JGH said…
A couple of years ago we started a "good deeds journal". Whenever my kids did something kind, I wrote it down in the journal. For a while, that was all the incentive they needed -- to have their deed recorded and acknowleged. Somehow we discontinued that practice, but maybe I should dig out that journal again. Thanks for the reminder!
I love your simply kind tuesdays! What a great idea! Thanks for sharing all your discoveries!

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