Simple Woman's Daybook ~ October 6

FOR TODAY Saturday...

Outside My Window... It is cloudy today, a typical October day with bluebells, very good for relaxing

I am thinking... about daylight saving tonight, anyone know what week it started last year?

I am thankful for... that my girls got to go to a church event this holiday

From the kitchen... possibly trying out a new pork sausage recipe

I am wearing... my new jeans, a spring top with sparkles on it, plus a windcheater because although nearly 25oC inside I feel cool, and I have socks on

I am creating... shopping plans, just thinking it all out, making sure I don't forget things in general for school and trips

I am going... shopping on a different day in a different place

I am reading... I have no books to read at present, maybe something will come from the library soon

I am hoping... I will be glad when things are back to normal, if they ever are in the lead-up to Christmas

I am hearing... it is very quiet, the two little girls are out for the day

Around the house... all things Physics, lots of correction, and homework

One of my favorite things... watching the puppy out the window

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: back-to-school, netball, ballet, a sports day, packing another case, big shopping plans, well bigger than normal

Here is picture thought I am sharing...



Jennifer said…
Hello Linda,
Thank you for sharing your thoughts! What a wonderful way to share all the "basics" that are going on around you. :)
Good luck with your shopping and planning!
~ Jenny
flmom said…
Such a bright and happy photo! I guess this is typically when we would have had daylight saving time ending, but our dates were extended a couple of years ago (I can't really recall when). We make the switch now the first weekend in Nov. It's always a sad time for me. I do enjoy the daylight longer in the evenings.
Hill upon Hill said…
Daylight saving started near Oct 25 as it has for years. It is earlier this year. I was told it would end in April next year.
Linda said…
Hopefully they have cut it back as far as they can. It was strange today having daylight saving and freezing cold weather.

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