Saturday, November 3, 2012

Aussie Curves

Near the top of my newsfeed on facebook at the moment is a post TS14+ likes a photo.  How exciting for me that they did.  I haven't done many posts on my blog lately, so I am dipping my toe in again with some photos I did for facebook, to show my hair actually, my first experiment with the dye bottle.

photo taken by Jeanie from Inspired Wish,

I am really excited about TS14+.  I was there yesterday I got a pair of jeans the last pair that goes with the tops I am going to show you.  By now they are in the sale category lol.  I have been adding to my wardrobe that has been sadly lacking.  I had seen the shop before and didn't go in I don't think.  It is in Albury.  But I needed a longer top last winter to go under a jumper in case I had to unbutton it, and TS14+ has great length in tops.  I am 5' 11".

During this week I was also lucky enough to see TS14+ in Myer in Belconnen, their display is amazing, definitely worth a look.

I ended up buying a necklace from TS14+ but found I like the necklace and bracelet set from Target which is about $10.

Someone said I think I was a more earthly person not a bling person.  By now my other purchases, the rhubarb top and white skirt are on sale too, and mine is still on layby!  I bought it for Christmas, to wear on Christmas Day.  I wear a black singlet under the top pictured from Myer.  Myer jeans that were a very dark colour, and Diana Ferrari boots.  Since then I have had another style cut from Just Cuts.  Getting there I suppose.  I have not much in my wardrobe and I am trying to use things together for awhile until I get more things, like the black boots and singlet I also used with my winter outfit.  I was lucky enough to get a jacket in the winter as well, on sale, same with the boots from Fieldswoman from Myer.