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Near the top of my newsfeed on facebook at the moment is a post TS14+ likes a photo.  How exciting for me that they did.  I haven't done many posts on my blog lately, so I am dipping my toe in again with some photos I did for facebook, to show my hair actually, my first experiment with the dye bottle.

photo taken by Jeanie from Inspired Wish,

I am really excited about TS14+.  I was there yesterday I got a pair of jeans the last pair that goes with the tops I am going to show you.  By now they are in the sale category lol.  I have been adding to my wardrobe that has been sadly lacking.  I had seen the shop before and didn't go in I don't think.  It is in Albury.  But I needed a longer top last winter to go under a jumper in case I had to unbutton it, and TS14+ has great length in tops.  I am 5' 11".

During this week I was also lucky enough to see TS14+ in Myer in Belconnen, their display is amazing, definitely worth a look.

I ended up buying a necklace from TS14+ but found I like the necklace and bracelet set from Target which is about $10.

Someone said I think I was a more earthly person not a bling person.  By now my other purchases, the rhubarb top and white skirt are on sale too, and mine is still on layby!  I bought it for Christmas, to wear on Christmas Day.  I wear a black singlet under the top pictured from Myer.  Myer jeans that were a very dark colour, and Diana Ferrari boots.  Since then I have had another style cut from Just Cuts.  Getting there I suppose.  I have not much in my wardrobe and I am trying to use things together for awhile until I get more things, like the black boots and singlet I also used with my winter outfit.  I was lucky enough to get a jacket in the winter as well, on sale, same with the boots from Fieldswoman from Myer. 


Hi Linda, Awesome that you found Aussie Curves. There is a theme each week that we use for inspiration to do an outfit post. There is also a facebook group where we can all yak and get to know each other better. There's quiet a few Aussie Curve gals now.

Also, thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I love new readers! (Can you you please credit my photo at the top, as photo taken by Jeanie from Inspired Wish,

Thank you.

Hope to see you in the Aussie Curves group =)
PS... I love that necklace! I've been eyeing it off. You look great.
Jan said…
That's lovely you are getting your wardrobe updated, and nice to see your bloghop.
Cherie said…
Hi Linda excellent you've joined in, spotted undies, love that!!! Thank You so much for your lovely comment too.
More importantly ;) is that a GSP I see in your photo???
My most favourite breed ever ... we used to show GSP's many years ago. Hope you stick around and play along here. I've learnt so much from these girls, I adore their bravado, they're fantastic ;)
Linda said…
Hi Cherie, I'm glad you didn't mind my spotted undies comment. Yes, it is Miki our GSP. A rather large one.
Joolz said…
I always have success at TS Virtue too!

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