What I Spend Money On

A while back I was sadly rejected from blogburst, but that is OK, I have lots of work to do yet as a blogger. Then said they want topically focussed content on their website. Just for interest I googled blog topics.

I found a list of 100 blog topics I hope you write by Chris Brogan. This was one topic. It is interesting what he says about blogging.

What I Spend Money On
(not to impress blogburst, thought it may fit in with simplicity, we'll see when I list what I buy)

It is the start of my pay/money cycle (when I wrote this last month), so I guess money is everything right?

Firstly our health insurance payment was made and a small amount went into my daughter's bank account. We bought expensive dog food at the vets and then filled one car up with petrol/gas. Before even all that happened we paid a joining fee for netball.

There was an electricity bill and a water bill. I pay two of those for two houses. I bought fruit and vegetables and part of that money goes on freight costs to get it here.

I am late shopping this week, but tonight or tomorrow I will be filling up my car with LPG. I also will be paying for my Christmas hampers, I am in three different clubs, Castle, Chrisco and Hamper King.

I have bought retail clothes lately, mostly online, but this is not usually the case. My daughters have also bought clothes second hand. I am really impressed with the t-shirts one of them got in particular, I feel very blessed by those.

Soon I will be paying the gym fees and the ballet fees. I pay a small amount for clarinet lessons. My daughter is also going away on a school excursion. My other daughter's camp is free.

I recently went to the dentist. Our doctors bulk bill so I don't spend on that, though recently we had to pay $50 over what our hospital insurance pays for surgery.

We have had recent vet's bills, and bills from the garage for our car because it is at that age.

We have all the insurances, and car registrations. Two phone bills and mobile phone credit.

Ambulance subscriptions, school fees and books, including the fee for religious instruction at school.

Superannuation, not for me of course, I don't work. Rent of a laptop via hubby's workplace.

We don't get pizza, fish and chips, Chinese takeaway. We do go to McDonalds or maybe Hungry Jacks when we go to the regional centre or to visit our son in the city.

We do not rent movies either in the post or in person. We do pay for satelite TV, and if we move to the new house this will be necessary. We don't go to the movies at the theatre. We don't go to restaurants.

Christmas presents are mostly for the kids. We buy their birthday presents as well. I confess they are electronic in nature, after lots of resistance at the start. My eldest is very persuasive. I like his choice of games though.

I pay a fee for genealogy membership. I buy some books on ebay, some new, Christian novels or Laura Ingalls Wilder. We bought a cheap replacement camera on ebay.

We buy building materials for renovating when required. We collect our own wood for heating. We get the chainsaw parts and mower parts, can't remember if they have been serviced.

We have trailer registration. Some other registrations don't come around often. Dog and cat registration. We pay RACV in case we break down, though with little mobile phone coverage it is a worry.

A youth ski trip, school photos. I wonder if this is the type of spending he meant?

Mortgages, no smoking or alcohol. Basic shampoos etc. the girls are getting at buying these things, but really only cleanser for my daughter.

No donations.

Have I mentioned rates? No drycleaning. No cleaner. No carwash. No lawn mowing. Few magazines, one or two regular newspapers, one weekly. Not sure if we actually pay for the other one. I think we do, maybe it is a special rate.

My husband has to pay to a group that people of his profession belong to. Yearly fee.

Have you seen this page about how people spend their money?

Then there is food. It includes canned beans, canned tomatoes, smallgoods, little soft drink, little chips if any, little cleaners. Not so much meat. The plainest toilet paper I can find, though it doesn't seem to exist anymore.

Hmm, I wonder if that is the kind of thing.

Bedlinen and towels only when necessary. Same with furniture, last table was secondhand.

We keep our freezer going by helping it along. We buy a very small amount of new Christmas decorations and Easter eggs, very small.

Holidays away are usually overnight in caravan park cabins, for a reason usually.

We don't go to the Agricultural Show, like the big one, one the local one. No football matches. Would have loved to go to a field day, but didn't do that.

We buy things like replacement hose fittings for the garden. We buy $3 plants at the craft shop, but last year bought a few others, not many. Oh, I do have a thing for country music CDs, maybe I get two a year? Three?

Small cake decorations and some gourmet food, small amounts. Some imported American food, not much.

If these are topics that don't suit, here is 100 blog post suggestions related to Youth Ministry.

Rations of Fresh Produce Following World War II, c.1946 by George Rodger
Rations of Fresh Produce Following World War II, c.1946


Tilly said…
I'm not sure I dare list what I spend money on - it might be too much of a shock, not so much the 'what' as the 'how much'!

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