Titus 2 Blog Party

Are you a younger woman?

Newly married?

A mama with little children?


Are you an 'older' woman?

Married for years?

Children all grown?


Are you somewhere in the middle?

Some 'littles' and some 'bigs'


Are you a single woman?

Young or old?


Maybe you are unable to have children?

Maybe a widow?

(I hope I didn't exclude anyone ;-)

What is the point to all the questions?

I just wanted to make it clear that each and everyone of you are invited to the Titus 2 blog party!

There have been some questions about who the party is really for. My desire in hostessing this party is really for any Christian woman, regardless of her season in life, to gather in one place, to get to know one another, to encourage each other, and I guess, to get some of the lesser known blogs, or newer blogs noticed. I thought a party would be a great way to do it. I have 'stumbled' across so many precious Godly women's blogs that are maybe new or virtually unknown.
So, in answer to the questions, it is for all of you!

Please accept this invitation.

I found the invitation here
It is all happening today with our intro posts that tells everyone who we are, the heart behind our blogs, our interests, etc. Everything you need to know is here at She Looketh Well.


Joyce said…
Hi, Linda,
Thanks for letting your readers know about this. This will be my first time doing the 'blog party' thing, so I hope I participate properly!

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