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Shaggy Cow with Ear Tags

by daisymum7 at notes from daisy mountain.

The tag is to write about seven things about me that I think are amazing ....

1. I inherited three step children when I was 20. Two of them lived in our home for 5 years.

2. I think during that time I co-authored a book that is in the national library.

3. I started high school at 11 and 2 months because I went to school mid-year at four and didn't go start again the next year.

4. was in a group of 370 students when I started high school. In Year 10 the kids were split up into groups according to their maths ability and I made it into group one. I was never ahead in my maths work, my friend had done more work than I had.

5. I am surviving both my parents and my husband's divorces.

6. I learnt to sew at 11, and crochet at a similar age.

7. I know how to rock-a-billy and charleston, though it wouldn't be very elegant now I don't think.

I know not such a great list. Lots of people I know have already been tagged for this.

I'll try to work out who hasn't been tagged yet. I have to tag seven people. Maybe you can have a cute bear picture. Help I am putting my foot in it!

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Scrappy quilter said…
Linda, I really enjoyed reading this list. Wow that is young to inherit 3 step children. Awesome!!
Joyce said…
Thank you, Linda, for tagging me. I will be glad to play along.

Now, are you saying by #2 that you learned a great deal, or did you truly co-author a book?!! Both are amazing, I think.

I would like to know who taught you to sew and crochet. That would be interesting.

All I can say is WOW about starting high school at 11 years old!

Where's my cute bear picture? :P
Linda said…
I did truly author a book. Given it was only a family tree and the words were mostly my co-author's but I did lots and lots of work. The book was started by a lady who died. I guess we did it to see her work finished.

I went to a school that taught cooking and needlework for the girls and workshop for the boys wood and metal. We spent a lot of hours and had good teachers. My Mum taught me a little, she worked in the industry before she was married. We did those classes for three years.

Crochet my Nana taught me when we went over there for tea/dinner. Unless that was knitting. She kept a ball and needle or hook in her kitchen drawer. If it wasn't then, it was during the holidays. I didn't get far with knitting until I was about 23.
Joyce said…
Thanks, Linda, for answering my questions. Wow, on the book!

I think you could write more than seven amazing things. :)

I finished my entry: http://joyce.taron.net/seven-amazing-things-meme/
Loved reading your answers...I always love a tag,
I have done my duty and completed mine...
I see you have come by for a peek...
Was mentioning Breasts and Kidneys too much in one post???
I did take that picture on my blog...Nicked your idea of the "tag" though:)
Linda said…
Loved the cows, and your amazing thing about breastfeeding. The kidneys was interesting too. Well done.

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