Me, myself and I

It has been a long time since I have filled in a meme. I found this at Ganeida's blog and made the answers my own. How about you? You could cut and paste the above and fill in your own answers, or you could just share a few. If you do it on your blog, be sure to put a link to your blog in Julie's comments section so others can share.

I Am…… a middle aged lady, it has taken awhile but it is true

I Want…… my car fixed, it starts up rather softly, and the fumes from the glycol in the antifreeze come through to the front, apparently it is wrecking the bearings, so I will be trying to get a quote and examining the finances to see if I can get it done earlier than tax time. The idling settles down and I can drive around town as it is a small town and I don't drive far, it doesn't go any further than that without needing water. I told my husband he can drive it and I will drive his, but I think I will be driving him back to work after lunch and keeping it in the afternoons

I Should… be more used to kids going back to uni after the holidays, I guess I will feel better in a couple of days, I expect him still to be here in his room, he went home yesterday

I Wish…… I could get new glasses. I remembered that I thought I needed some last July!!!

I Hate…… nothing

I Fear…… nothing really, I don't think about it

I Hear…… my daughter and her friend on my computer. After miserable draining weather it is cold today. I have a warm top on, and my daughter is swimming!! She had two lessons owed to us. My daughter's friend is moving soon

I Search…… nothing today

I Wonder…… what it would have been like to meet a new friend I have who I should have by rights met when I was a teenager but I had somehow missed them, it is amazing really

I Regret…… things that happened to me as a teenager, which I can't talk about because it may hurt someone else

I Love…… finding clothes that fit that have been hidden away. My daughter moved around her room, she wanted a makeup mirror. It is very cute with white oldfashioned table, mirror and white matching chair, that matches accidently really. She has fairy lights around the mirror. There were some clothes she didn't want, and my youngest has gone off to swimming with a new outfit

I Always…… find I am happier blogging, so it is a shame I haven't been doing so much of that!

I Usually…… find it hard to breathe lately, oh for some normal clear warm days

I Am Not…… as middleclass as I wanted to be

I Dance…… in my mind with all the music, so much of it has differently dances in it, especially things like country, and Enrique. And even modern music reminds me of ballet and watching the hip hop dancers because of ballet

I Sing…… if my girls let me

I Never…… get drunk, but don't ever experiment with taste tests. I tried seeing if I like Bundy more than dry white, which I detest. It turned out quite nice, it was actually Riesling I don't like, we cook with dry white, especially Riesling in the past. I had Bundy straight on two occasions to avoid going to the hospital when my back had collapsed during the spring of last year. Try a little of each and it is mixing drinks, and boy does it make a difference! Luckily I had tipped a lot of the Bundy down the sink!

I Rarely…… eat at a cafe let alone a restaurant especially not with a wine in my hand

I Cry…… a lot more than I ever did. When I moved here I didn't cry at all, so five years ago I remember I didn't cry, so a little while after we moved

I Am Not Always…… happy looking back on my life these days, which is not like me

I Lose…… track of when I have taken medicine and things like that, I have to write it down

I’m Confused…… sometimes talking to my eldest on the phone. It is hard to explain and I'm guessing he finds it very frustrating

I Need…… more sleep than I get

I Have…… more understanding about God than I did a year ago I think


Tania said…
I am similar to you in many ways Linda.

We have reached a time in our life where things start changing. Do some research on peri menopausal, symptoms are very interesting.

I find that eating very healthy by way of lots of vegies, fruit and wholegrain foods plus lots of exercise helps with the "moods".

I haven't felt much like blogging lately because I cant seem to find anything interesting to write about.

Was great to read more about you Linda.

Have a great day,


ps: making a conscious decision to feel good, happy and energetic upon waking in the morning can help.

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