Bloomday ~ July

On Saturday I took some photos of our new house and the flowers that are out now. It was great because I discovered that the iris that I thought was just early, was not the usual iris but a different kind. I think we originally got it from the roadside in the country, and I always thought it was a skinny insignificant thing. Wow, was I wrong.

I also with the help of hubby, took a photo of our white helebore, violets and wintersweet. We did some winter gardening and extended and shortened the bed, basically turned it around. We may move the rocks near the iris but at the moment I wouldn't move it, it is so pretty.

The top photo is from the garden here at this house. It is a wallflower. I have two nearly the same, but one has a white stripe in it.

The wintersweet is a small tree, I could only pick one flower. It has been moved, and when it is large I will have a view of it from the window. I was sitting on a rock to take the photo and was rewarded by a lovely smell of the flowers.

My helebore photo is on another post. We have moved the white ones twice, and we had lots of baby helebores, and some were moved last spring as well. The year has gone quickly for the plants.

Other plants out here are jonquils and iceland poppies.

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Carol said…
Thank you for joining in for bloom day, all the way from Australia. The wintersweet sounds like a nice tree, especially if the blooms have a scent, which it appears they do. There is nothing like a tree full of fragrant blooms!

Carol, May Dreams Gardens
Frances, said…
Hi Linda, that was indeed a lucky find with the iris, it is a wonderful blue. Your tree will give many joyful hours both inside and out, seeing its beauty and smelling the fragrance.

Frances at Faire Garden
Thanks for visiting my blog! It's fascinating to imagin you having winter down there - while we are in the midst of summer. i love y our blue iris!
tina said…
That iris is spectacular! Your wintersweet looks just like what I know as witch hazel. Too cool!

I read in the paper this morning where the oldest known blogger at 108 just passed away. She was from Australia. Have you have heard of Reilly? It was cool. Thanks for visiting my blog!
Cindy said…
It's funny, I forgot you are opposite in the seasons from me. I hope you keep posting on GBBD as I would love to see your summer when it is my winter.
Little Candle said…
Thank you for stopping by my blog and for your good wishes!

Sarah :)
DP Nguyen said…
I agree, the wintersweet is a very nice flower. And I also love the blue iris. Such a magnificent color!!!
Hi Linda, just wanted say Happy GBBD. Wow, Australia. I'd like to go there someday, but it is very far away.~~Dee

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