Ezy-Sauce Tomato Chutney

Tomato Chutney

8.5kg skinned ripe tomatoes
3kg onions, diced
1kg apples, diced
170g salt
2.5kg sugar
1 bottle Ezy Sauce
3 level tablespoons mustard
3 level tablespoons curry powder
3 level tablespoons cornflour
3 teaspoons turmeric

Put in a dish tomatoes, onions, apples and salt. After 12 hours put into a pan and bring to boil before adding sugar and Ezy Sauce.

Boil until thick enough (about 1 1/2 hours or more), but 10 minutes before taking off fire add paste mix of mustard, curry powder, cornflour and turmeric. Pack and seal.

I was asked if I had this Ezy Sauce recipe. My two favourite pickles apart from cucumber pickles that I have already posted are Ezy Sauce recipes. Tomato Relish and Green Tomato Pickles. You cannot buy green tomato pickles especially from a shop up to the same standard, I suppose for those who love Ezy Sauce recipes. I can actually now we seen with a small amount of green tomato pickles in a saucer or shallow bowl eating it from a teaspoon.


Joyce said…
Hi, Linda,
This sounds good. What is Ezy-sauce? Is it available in the States, do you think?
Thanks. :)
Linda said…
So many people in Australia use it tradionally.

It is called Wilds Ezy Sauce now made? by Cerebos.

I have no idea where this page is located.


I will have a look, there are some sites that sell Australian foods overseas.
Anonymous said…
Hi Linda,
Thanks so much - have been looking for this chutney recipe for some time as I always used to make it using the recipe on the bottle!

Linda said…
You are very welcome Elaine.

Joyce I couldn't find it on one of the food sites I mentioned.
Annette said…
Linda, it was a relief to find this recipe for Tomato Chutney, thanks heaps. Annette from Perth WA
Eve said…
Hi linda i have just picked a huge crop off my tomatoes and i have set out to make chutney and bought my ezy sauce and there was no recipe on the bottle like there used to be back in the 80s ...But thanks to you for having this recipe on your blog i am now confident to complete the task at hand ...thank you so much for sharing this with us ..
Linda said…
You are very welcome Annette and Eve. Eve your tomatoes sound wonderful.
Anonymous said…
My mom made this recipe for me a few years ago....and I could not find the recipe anywhere...good work for getting it out there.
Rose said…
Rose says,
I purchased a bottle of eazisauce and not chutney recipe,!! but thanks to a friend I got one and it is on the stove now.. It is the same as your posted recipe, I will let you know if it up to standard. I am sure it will be. 22nd Jan 2011.
Thankyou for the confirmation.. this is the one I was looking for..
Frank said…
Francis says
I couldn't find my recipe anywhere.
thnk god for the internet
brindle0812 said…
Thanks for the recipe. I have picked 40KG of tomatoes this week alone off 14 plants and will use your recipe to make some chutney. I have already made 4 batches of tom sauce!
Brian, Bendigo Vic AU
shelly said…
Thank you for the recipe :) I got 2 boxes of tomatos and now ready to go cant wait to try ..... now to find some jars to put it all in ...
Michelle, Bendigo , Victoria
Barbara Lowe said…
Thanks for the recipe Linda.
I am wondering how long Ezi-Sauce has been around as I can remember my Mother using this Tomato Chutney Recipe back in the 1950's. When I bought my Ezi-Sauce I got a shock to find the recipe was no longer on the bottle, so great relief to find you had posted this recipe on-line. My husband thinks it is the best chutney ever.
Barbara, Bonbeach, Victoria.

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