Menu Plan Monday ~ July 14

My hubby did some meat shopping for me last week. He was near a shop that has meat deliveries every week and I know I like the meats they have, so I asked him to buy enough meat for two weeks. He came home with a bag full of meat and we only had to add chicken fillets and mince later. He was on holidays. Since making these two menus we have found we have had another night of left-overs, left over Spanish Rice with Chickpeas, Pumpkin & Chorizos.

Monday ~ Sausage Casserole made with breakfast sausages
Tuesday ~ Sausage Pea & Feta Salad
Wednesday ~ Bacon & Pumpkin Pasta
Thursday ~ Barley & Bratwurst Salad
Friday ~ Mixed Bean & Pancetta Soup
Saturday ~ Bacon & Cabbage & Potatoes in place of Zucchini Slice
Sunday ~ Crab & Coconut Risotto


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