Simple Woman's Daybook ~ July 7


Outside My Window... street lights

I am thinking... about our son's new car

I am thankful for... the lovely work hubby did in the garden today

From the kitchen... Pumpkin & Bacon Pasta

I am wearing... Polar freeze v-neck, red skivvy, jeans, socks, runners

I am creating... just watching the kids on holiday who will turn into adults one day

I am going... possibly to our new house, when we get some more money for gas/LPG

I am reading... I have a stack of books of new authors, not sure if they suit until I start reading them

I am hoping... things turn out with our dog, he has cancer and I hope things will go OK until his time comes

I am hearing... the TV, it is slightly too loud

Around the house... everyone is watching TV except hubby

One of my favorite things... Greek Salad

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: My daughter has extra ballet classes

Here is picture thought I am sharing...


Out Back said…
Hi Linda, I am enjoying your new blog and reading about your life, you write so well. Sounds like it is cold your way so stay warm and enjoy having your little family near you through the holidays?

Linda said…
Thank you Tania. It has been raining all night here, not so cold inside today which is nice.
Oh Linda, I am so sorry to hear about your dog having cancer. Please take heart- some animals do make a recovery from it.
flmom said…
It's so sad to see our fur friends fall victim to cancer. We lost our oldest dog to nasal cancer last August. We held on to her as long as we could, but when it became apparent she no longer had any quality of life we sadly knew it was time to say goodbye.
Kerri said…
Pumpkin and bacon pasta?? I need that recipe. I would never have thought to put those two together. I bet it is great.

Linda said…
I've made a separate post with the recipe.

Thanks for the wishes about our dog.

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