Menu Plan Monday ~ August 11

Usually my new recipes are very good, but last week the zucchini & capsicum fritters were OK, good taste, but didn't set. It could have been our fault as we often have to make the quantities larger.

This week we are participating in a fundraiser, and I am sure we will enjoy the pies.

I mentioned the sausage, potato & rocket salad in another post. It seemed quite plain, and again I under bought oil, so hubby modified the recipe. We recently had a recipe with capers so he made it like that. So many recipes from the Taste site as similar if you tend to use the same ingredients, or at least with the ingredients we use. We found hubby's version very nice.

Monday ~ Chicken & Corn Pie with Wedges & Beans
Tuesday ~ Meat Pies with Mashed Potato & Beans
Wednesday ~ Vegie Patties & Potato Wedges
Thursday ~ Sausage, Potato & Rocket Salad
Friday ~ Indian Potato & Chickpea Curry
Saturday ~ Left over Bow Tie Pasta, Pumpkin & Butter Beans
Sunday ~ Penne with Salmon & Broccoli

Modified Sausage, Potato & Rocket Salad

This is the dressing hubby used for the salad.

1/2 onion finely chopped
3 cloves garlic
1 tablespoons chopped capers
4 tablespoons red wine vinegar
2 1/2 tablespoons oil
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon sugar

He used real tomatoes

Fry this:

2 tomatoes chopped into wedges
1 teaspoon thyme


Hill upon hill said…
Could I have your recipe for the 2 pies you mention? Also, I am stumped as to where you photos are from. I will browse when I have time, but are you slowly doing up a new house whilst you stay in the present one? Has it been over a year since you bought the new house? It is freezing here too, even though the jasmine is out. I will reread your latest entries soon, I must not have visited for a while. I like the Thankful Thursday.
Linda said…

The bakery are making the pies for the fundraiser.

I found a map of the Riverina on the net, and all the photos come from places on that map.

You are correct about the house. We got held up with builders etc. initially, now there are a few jobs left on our to do list.
Hill upon hill said…
OK, thanks, nice to browse through. HOpe it is not too cold where you are. I am off to bed....
Linda said…
I dug out a woollen jacket with cotton lining and was very warm out and about today.

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