Winter in the Bush

It is very wintery again here in the bush. Friday saw the kids coming out of school in a very cold rain shower. Mum's were running with their children. In the morning I had a discussion with the kids about bringing their jackets. In the end we decided that our middle daughter needed a new one. She chose one herself and the three of us went to get some money and she has been happy with her jacket ever since.

I didn't really poke my nose outside in the last three days. I went to netball and school in the car, and have been outside to cheer up the dog, who has bone cancer. Today the weather was miserable. My presence helped enough for him to settle for quite a few hours afterwards.

I took his food back inside. There were up to ten jays waiting up a nearby park sized tree looking, hoping I left the bowl outside. They were waiting for me to disappear so they could eat the dog's dried food.

I am pleased I didn't read Leann Grote's Minnesota until now. It is a collection of four related stories and I have been enjoying them, especially since it is cold.

Last time I went shopping, we remembered that last week we went to buy gas in the morning and the place said it was frozen again and not working. Luckily it worked after awhile. So we filled up the car the night before.

We did have some cheerful lights on at night in the garden, but have turned them off as it is not July anymore.

Pictured are some wild cherry trees. Some have been dry looking or drought affected for perhaps two years or more. Usually they are very nice, and were used when I was little for Christmas trees. Since the wattle is nearly out, two weeks ago I saw some sasparilla, or wild happy wanderer growing down a bank. It always makes me happy to see it. It is a plant that is purple that is sold in nurseries and has been for two decades or so now.

At the bottom of my Cootamundra Wattle post, if you click on the photo you will see there is still lots of snow on the hills.

I have been putting off making some appointments and things. I got one job crossed off my list today. I applied for university accommodation for our second son, in case he needs it next year. So despite reading etc. I guess I am doing things here and there.

My country music pick this week is Kara Grainger's Bring Me Back.


Denise said…
Hi Linda, enjoyed reading your post. Have a good week.

Denise in Northern Virginia, USA
Hill upon hill said…
Yes it is still cold here. Your poor dog, hope he/she is not too uncomfortable. Frozen petrol? Have a good day.
Linda said…
It was LPG, I think it is something to do with the nozzle.

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