Simply Kind Tuesday

I really enjoy this meme, haven't accepted the challenge to write for it for awhile, which is my loss. Please visit On A Limb with Claudia as she shares a great inspirational song this week in This is the life you have. If you would like to know about Simply Kind Tuesdays go here.

The subject This is the life you have is something coincidently my husband brought up to me a couple of nights ago and we discussed it the next day. He said he wouldn't like to be me or something like that. Then I asked about it later. This morning I was thinking about how I would start describing my whole history to someone. I got to the fundamental basics about three minutes into it and stopped. Luckily I view life as Claudia's song. It starts out like this, but my words would be different.

"In another life
You might have been a genius
In another life
You might have been a star
In another life
Your face might have been perfect
In another life
You’d drive a better car

In another life
All your jokes are funny
In another life
Your heart is free from fear
In another life
You make a lot of money
In this other life
Everything is clear"

Anyway you get the idea. It ends with:

"In your real life
Treat it like it’s special
In your real life
Try to be more kind"

Relating to the first part of the song, I like to think of all the things that I was blessed with instead.

I was just thinking the other day about where we have lived. Our first house we had for 16 years. In that time it was close to my husband's work, he could ride his motorbike, the step-children could walk. We needed the doctors more then and everything was handy.

Our second house, lots happened with employment, but my husband could still ride his bike to work to save money on petrol. Can't remember if that is why he did it, but it was very handy. I'm forgetting the details of what exactly I thought. But that house was still close to the other factory he worked in too before that. He was able to quickly drive home for lunch. No twists or turns, just very easy and quick, all of them were about two or three turns. Well five at the most.

Then the farmhouse we rented. Right by the school for the kids. Sometimes they got off the bus and walked home, the older ones. In Flowerdale. My gatepost is now singed. A pretty tree gone, but mostly what I enjoyed still there in that particular part. The gatepost worried me anyway, I thought a snake could like in a crack. I didn't bother locking the gate, probably for that reason.

Then here, so close to everything. You can't plan everything to work out that well, but it has.

I have been reading a paperback novel. It was bought by an unknown person and left in a thrift store or op-shop in California. My friend bought it and gave it to me for Christmas. It is full of nice thoughts, some harsh parts of life, it is an historical novel.
"That's what living is. Friendships, marriages, partnering, becoming a mama or a papa. those kinships expand us like a yeast cake, and they drain as a dance. But it's where meaning lives."
~ What Once We Loved by Jane Kirkpatrick. The book is part three, very hard to follow from book three but not once you get into it. Based on an actual 1852 Oregon Trail incident, "All Together in One Place, Book One in the Kinship and Courage series, speaks to the strength in every woman and celebrates the promise of hopethat unfailingly blooms amidst tragedy and challenge." ~ Barnes & Noble.

Do you ever think about the sunspots you could have avoided or things like that? I guess that is very minor, and that is the point I suppose.


This is such a lovely post. And yes, I think about it a lot. I haven't loved living in Denver. But it's provided me with so very much - even now fodder for novels and serial fiction. For the years of wondering why we ever blooming moved here - I now see it as just a place holder in time. Perfect and imperfect.

Great post!
Linda said…
Yes, that is it.

I even wonder about the years I spent at church. In Australia it was unusual my teen years and going to church, but has provided me now with so many blogs I can visit and understand everything they say. I read heaps, like Azusa Street, all helped me understand.

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