Wordless Wednesday ~ August 6

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Hootin' Anni said…
The map doesn't have an 'x' to mark the spot to tell us 'you are here'.

Not anywhere! Bummer.

My W W is posted. Stop by if you can find time. And, have a terrific day.
Linda said…
Lol, I think I am behind the car.
Denise said…
What an interesting building. I enjoyed looking at it. Lots of character.
Anonymous said…
What town is that?

The week before we moved here I told the young American guy at the dry cleaners that we were moving to Adelaide. He said, that's near Darwin, isn't it?

Maybe more towns need maps of Oz like that, preferably with labels, LOL.

Linda said…
It is Tumbarumba Kate. I am sure the map looked different before, it must have been recently painted.

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