Pioneer Women

I have been reading a book that was on Tania's Out Back blog.

It is called Great Pioneer Women of the Outback by Susanna De Vries. I have read the forward by Terri Underwood and part of the chapter about Georgiana Molloy.

I have read Terri Underwood's book, I think all of it. It is good reading as well.

The introduction is very interesting. It is probably where the description of the book in the link above comes from, but that is not how the story of Georgiana Molloy reads.

I have been reading books by Sandra Dallas where the author goes into unpleasant things. Some books of American pioneering bring these subjects up, except the Christian or Inspirational fiction mostly I think, not all the time though, you have to be careful.

I can't even bring the subject up myself. But anyway, apparently Australian pioneer woman didn't talk of those things, and think modern Australians tend not to want to read about it as well, or at least I feel like that.

I was very impressed with Georgiana Molloy. She was a Christian and I expected that to change but it didn't. I was very happy her girls grew up to be lovely as well like their mother. Imagine finding two websites devoted to Georgiana. Here is the first one and the blog. Here is the short story of her life, don't read it if you want to read it in the book first, it might spoil the ending. By this time I have finished reading it.

Edited to say that fairly recently I have read the Song of Arcadia series by Janette Oke and T. D. Bunn. I think it helped with the concept of Georgiana's husband being in the Army. I am assuming the two things are related, though The Meeting Place, the first in the series, predates this, but I think gives a good background. I enjoyed the books very much.


50s Housewife said…
The book sounds interesting! I'm always looking for something good to read.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. :)
I am always on the look out for new books to read and I can see me reading the ones you recommend, a big thank you from me.

Gill from Canada
Out Back said…
Thanks Linda for finding that site, I still haven't got any further along with my reading. Not a fast reader I'm afraid. I will continue on with it now that you recommend it.

Hope you and your family are feeling a lot better. Our house has come down sick except for me, keeping my fingers crossed that I don't catch it.

Glad you enjoyed the book.

Linda said…
You may not get a strong dose of it, my husband got it but not too badly.

I must admit I have only read the part about Georgiana and the bits before that. Not sure if I will continue on or not.

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