Simple Woman's Daybook ~ October 13

FOR TODAY Saturday... (in two parts)

Outside My Window... finished tulips, runuculus, rose buds

I am thinking... about simplicity

I am thankful for... finding a nice top for my daughter's trip

From the kitchen... anything that uses pumpkin. Pumpkins that you buy don't seem to last very long

I am wearing... lots of clothes, but it was boiling outside, it was very strange hanging out the washing in so many clothes, at least it is not so cold inside anymore

I am creating... this morning I created a 9 piece bag full of clothes to take to the op-shop. Unfortunately it is closed and they forgot to put their after hours bin out, either that or I should have checked the door despite the closed sign

I am going... I am hoping that I don't have to, but another large trip out next week

I am reading... I started Sanctuary but not sure I like it

I am hoping... I don't have to go on the trip in some ways as it would make things easier

I am hearing... my son jingling something

Around the house... my husband just came home from a big trip, for some reason my computer clock hasn't got daylight saving yet and I thought I had another hour!

One of my favorite things... Wasabi Peas

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: well it all depends on if I have to go on another long trip

Here is picture thought I am sharing... it used to be the kids sandpit, great for digging dogs!


Caroline said…
Wow you are my very first follower Thankyou very kindly Linda
Linda said…
I hope you have many more.

Thanks for following me as well.
Leanne said…
HI I laughed at the photo of the digging dog. What a good idea for dogs who dig.
Our previous dog - a Doberman used to dig - not from boredom but because he liked to dig - he would of emptied the tyre ever so fast.

Love Leanne
what a neat sandpit, do the kids ever use it or just the dog?

flmom said…
That photo made me laugh! What a great way to reuse a tire and what fun for your fur friend.
Denise said…
Hi Linda, lovely little dog you have there and a fun post to read.
Linda said…
The kids hadn't used it for a long time. Not sure if it is their ages, my youngest is nearly 7 and her sister will be 12 early next year. I think they love to play with the hose in it and we were on water restrictions last year.

I asked them about it and one said it needs more sand, the other mentioned toys which were packed away for the winter.

We'll have to work on some sand and toys so everybody is happy.
Me said…
I love your simple woman posts...and I really think that sandpit is a fantastic idea! Your blog is a delight to read....Thanks for visiting mine as well.
Out Back said…
Hello Linda,

Looks like your dog is having fun in the sandpit. Lets hope he stays just digging in the sandpit and not all over your yard.

My eldest girl had a sandpit like this when she was one year old, but I found a scorpion in it one day as she was going to get in so we had to be more careful in keeping a check. We had ours buried mostly in the ground, that is probably why the scorpion got in. I also found that redbacks liked the sandpit too. They would hide under the ridge at the top.
Linda said…
I always checked the one at the farmhouse before we came here, I think I was also concerned a snake could hide there too. My daughter was one then.

This one has been good, we copied the other one that was already at the farmhouse. When we first set it up in another place behind the shed it held water for awhile and that was a drowning risk, but it doesn't seem to do that now.

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