My Cocky Swears!

I have been blog hopping today and found something really great, as some of my favourite bloggers have Aussie blogs.

At the top of my sidebar is a swearing cocky! Sorry about that!

If you click on the cocky in this post it takes you to a new place to find Aussie blogs. Maybe they will be different to our style of blog, but who knows. Since it is new first in best dressed? It is certainly worth leaving a comment here.

And here I was thinking I was finished posting about cockies? Sorry about that.


Louisa said…
Welcome to WTBAY! Great to have you onboard!! Look forward to featuring your blog soon & seeing you around in 'blogland'! Cheers, Louisa :)
Linda said…
Thank you Louisa!
Caroline said…
It's raining & a bit cool here today. We have sent 2 horses to Rockhampton recently & today they said it was to hot to work them past 9 this morning & to hot for even their summer sheets(Rugs)Caroline

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