Menu Plan Monday ~ December 1

Monday ~ Pizza (frozen)
Tuesday ~ Pies, potatoes and green vegetable
Wednesday ~ Crunchy Tuna Broccoli Pots
Thursday ~ Green Chicken Curry with Bok Choy
Friday ~ Pizza
Saturday ~ Sausage Rolls
Sunday ~ Fish with Middle Eastern Carrot & Radish Salad
Lunch: Croissants with mushrooms, bacon, sour cream and mayonnaise

I have frozen pizzas in my hamper and used them while hubby was away in Melbourne. The sausage rolls something quick on ballet night. The bok choy, broccoli and radishes were the left over vegetables I was talking about. The broccoli and bok choy recipes we made straight away on would have been our pay day or shopping day, will have the radish recipe as soon as he comes back, though it is a ballet night too, Sunday then.*

We are saving some party pies and sausage rolls for my daughter's birthday.

*We had the radish recipe tonight, Sunday, not so keen on the lime juice.


Denise said…
All your recipes look delicious, and they give me great ideas for dinner. I am having company over the next few days. I'm going to have to go shopping for some of these ingredients. Have a great day.
Just a quick hello to say I stopped by today.

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