Book Review ~ A Town Called Ruby Prairie

Ever read At Home in Mitford by Jan Karon, or Phillip Gulley's novels starting with Home to Harmony? Both are series about small town life, much like my own, with a pastor as one of the main characters.

Annette Smith's series to me is my favourite, though I have only read the first book. I have read possibly a couple of Jan Karon's books and a few of Phillip Gulley's.

At first I didn't get into A Town Like Ruby Prairie. The Mitford likeness of it put me off to be honest. Then the idea of the girls coming to live in the house set up by the main character. But I had nothing else to read, and after that initial bump, where I had got stuck, I didn't get stuck again. Well a couple of times I did, but the next paragraph fixed it.

I meant to write this while it was fresh in my mind. But even so, I still remember that I relate to Charlotte very well. She is a widow looking after kids who need help. I relate to how she struggles with the organising part. The notes on the calendar, the doctors appointments and all that stuff. In the Harmony series the children are small, and in the Mitford series there is no children that I remember. They are all different, and all very much worth reading. All gentle reads, which means no surprises. If you like cakes and food you would love the Mitford series. I did learn one piece of information on food from the Ruby Prairie novel. I think it was buying caramel sauce in a can and using it for a dip for fresh apple slices for afternoon tea for the kids.

Charlotte wonders if she is really fit to be their guardian. The girls were aged similar to my own. For some reason it never got that hectic with boys here, but maybe it is just my age.

Anyone else read the book, I would love to hear about it. Same with the other two series I mentioned.


scrappy quilter said…
I'm going to see if I can get this book from the library. I really enjoyed Phillip Gulley's books. Drop by and see my Thankful Sunday. Hugs...
joolzmac said…
Thanks Linda

I need a new book to read. I tend to buy my novels but get increasing disappointed with them and only get 1/2 way through.

We have a very good library in our town so I might go and see if they have it.

Cheers - Joolz
Anonymous said…
I have reserved the Jan Karron book at the library but unfortunately they don't have either of the others. Thanks for the suggestions.
Boy oh boy do we have similar book tastes!
I loved the Mitford series, and Phillip Gulley... is a wonderful author! I've read a few of his books too and even read the Christmas Scrapbook of my angel Mother before she passed away.
I've never heard of the Ruby book you mentioned but now I'll have to look them up! Especially since you liked it more than thee others!!! You have me curious!!!
Thanks for your advice on my room!
I need all the help I can get... I think I stink at decorating. I know what I like... but can't seem to get there on a budget?
Have a great day!
Those pancakes look YUMMY!
I had an eggo for breakfast with a dollup of whip cream, and handful of blueberries with sugar free syrup on top! MMMMMMMMMMMM

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