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During the week of the party, write an intro/party post. Your introduction may include whatever you want us to know about you. It may be short or long. Share the heart behind your blog. Are you a true 'frugal fanatic'? Organizational freak? Chef extraordinaire? Want to minister to others? Whatever your vision is, be sure to share it! You may include pictures or not. It's your party, let us know who you are!

Hello, to my visitors from the Titus 2 blog party, let me introduce myself. My name is Linda and I live in Victoria, Australia. If you know the shape of Australia, it is at the bottom on the right above the island called Tasmania, which is also part of Australia. In Australia the southern States are cool, the northern States are hotter, the opposite of the US. All along the east coast is a mountain range called the Great Divide, I have always lived along that, always close to the power line in what is called the High Country in Victoria. What I call my hometown where I was born is a little bit away from the High Country but not too far. I grew up on a farm and at 14 moved to my hometown where I stayed after small amounts of time away to start with for 25 years. It is a mill town on a train line 3 hours from Melbourne.

I have lived in this particular place for 5 years, 5 1/2 hours from Melbourne, about the same distance from Sydney and 4 hours from Canberra, close to the largest mountain in Australia Mt. Kosciosko. Each winter I have views of the snow. You can't see it in town but you can when you drive outside of town. For one year prior to this I lived in the area which is now destroyed by fire.

My husband has been a teacher and an Engineer during his career and worked in IT. We have five children, the eldest lives in Canberra the capital city. We come from a Pentecostal background, I was as a child a Presbyterian in name and possibly nature but didn't attend church. My children attend a Baptist Youth Group, and my little girl goes to Uniting Church activities.

My second child is 18 still at home, hopefully he can follow in similar footsteps to his brother. This won't happen for another year yet. I am a stay at home Mum.

This is my second blog, I started out at Homestead Blogger. I have a second Blogger blog that is new.

I have been enjoying meeting other Christians on the internet. I feel it is starting to help me remember things I have learnt in the past. I enjoy reading Christian fiction as well, also Laura Ingalls Wilder.

My life is a little on hold as we finish making our second house able to be lived in, and decide if to go ahead and move there, rent it out, or sell it. We have all our favourite plants there and it grows things like weeds, ie everything grows so well.

I find our new town interesting because of its isolation, it is like going back in time a little, but it is catching up all the time. My kids have been able to participate in things such as Junior Red Cross for example.

What do I blog about? This blog has a lot of memes. My other blog, simple living posts. At the moment my favourite memes are Back to Basics Challenge, Simple Woman's Daybook and Happy Homemaker Monday. I have menus here but I now do my menus on my other blog.

I like my husband's hobbies. We have a gun dog, collect old cookbooks our favourite Leader Spare Corner books. We like gardening and cooking inexpensive meals. Sometimes I have to buy ingredients on the internet or wait until I go to a regional centre to shop. Ours is 1 1/2 hours away, sometimes we visit our son in the city. Regional centres have things like Aldi etc.

I enjoy reading about crochet as I used to like to crochet. I like country music, usually Australian country music, and driving my SUV that we bought to collect our own firewood. It has a bullbar for the kangaroos in case I am unfortunate enough to run into one. However, I don't think my car defines me, just a part of my life, perhaps when I was a teenager.

My girls do ballet and I like ballet stuff. My older daughter is learning hospitality after school, she will be able to work in a cafe for example if she leaves home to study. My girls learn Indonesian at school. In our State public school children are encouraged to learn a language. I also like tea and we like to make jams and things sometimes.


hip chick said…
What an interesting introduction. Everything in your country is so opposite of everything in the states where I live. Even the animals seem so different to me. I have always dreamed of living remotely but I'm not sure I could handle living as remote as you do. It sounds like you lead a very interesting life.
Karinann said…
Great to meet you. This is what I love about blogging, you meet people you probably wouldn't ordinarily meet from far away places. Living in a place that is far from the hustle and bustle of cities sounds very enticing but I'm sure it has it's challenges as well.
God bless as you enjoy the party!
CristyLynn said…
You certainly seem to stay very busy, even if you do live in a remote area! Australia has always fascinated me (you've probably heard that a lot from us "yanks") :)
It's nice to "meet" you.
Michelle said…
Hi Linda,
Thanks for joining in the party, glad to have you! I love your very interesting history. We long to live way more remote than we do, but an hour and a half to the store??? I guess dear hubby couldn't just pop into the store 3 nights a week for things I forgot or need. (and I menu plan, shame, shame!)

I do order a lot of food online though.
Have a lovely week and thank you again for joining in!

Amazed by His Grace,
What a great introduction! I learned many things I wasn't aware of. I enjoyed learning a bit about Australia in how it's cooler in the south and warmer in the north.

I see many similarities....we attended a Pentecostal church for awhile. We now go to a Baptist church. My dh and I were raised in the United Church (which is a comb of Methodist and Presbyterian and one other)
Nice to meet you. Reading your post reminded me that I want to learn to garden my own veggies this year. My hubby and I are hoping to move out in a more rural area as well.Wish me luck and have a great day.
Thanks for introducing yourself! You life sounds interesting and exciting for sure! I look forward to coming and visiting you again!
scrappy quilter said…
I really enjoyed reading your introductions. I probably won't ever get to visit Australia, however I am learning so much about it through your blog. Your life definitely sounds interesting. I so enjoy both blogs and have learnt so much. Thanks and a big hug...
Deanna said…
Dear One,
Hello from Titus 2 Blog Party and Blogland!
Greetings to you.
Hope you'll stop by my blog sometime and say hi.
I'm really enjoying blogging.
Will return later to read more.
God Bless,
Deanna from the Kansas Flinthills
Civilla said…
Nice to meet you, Linda. I have been to a lot of places, but never Australia. How cool to live there! Yes, the weather pattern seems exactly the opposite of the U.S.
Linda said…
I really enjoyed everyone's comments, thank you.

Michelle I can walk to the food shop, it is a little more expensive, but it is good for things quickly. It has quite modern things, but when I go to the regional centre or city I realise it hasn't the latest things. I do my food shopping 50 minutes away because the shop has plastic bags and easier to shop in for me. Still a similar sized town though. There is another similar sized town 60 mintues away in the other direction.

AHOTR, how interesting that you have Uniting Church with a slightly different name.

CristyLynn, all the Americans I have met through blogging have been very kind. My husband was able to visit there when he worked in IT, he also was able to visit Canada.

Good luck BHH. Same to you Joy.
Scrappy hugs to you too.
simplebeauty said…
I just wanted to stop by and say hello! I hope you are enjoying the Titus 2 Blog Party. I am :O)
Linda said…
Hi Civilla and simplebeauty.
Hill upon Hill said…
It was nice to read all about you again and your family.
Nice to meet you! :) This blog party is a lot of fun!
Look forward to reading more in the days ahead.
For His His grace,
Rina said…
It's really nice to "meet" you. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I look forward to getting to know you better!
Gombojav Tribe said…
Thanks for the informative, entertaining, and lovely introduction of yourself! Makes me think I should have added a little more to my little blurb!

It's good to be partying with you!!! Blessings!
Jules said…
Hi Linda, It's nice to finally meet another blogger downunder. Hope you're enjoying the party!
simplebeauty said…
Oh wish me luck on lavender because I believe I'm going to try to grow some in Kansas this year :O) I grew some when I lived in Oklahoma, only I didn't know all of the benefits it had at the time so I only enjoyed the flowers and then I didn't try to pick any and let it dry :O)

I will go take a look at the blog you suggested! Have a wonderful day!
Cynthia said…
You are one interesting lady. I've always been fascinated with Australia. I will be back to read more about your life in that beautiful land.
Linda said…
Linda, I am a Linda also, and I was born in 1950. I have a blog and you can read about me in my profile if you'd like.
I am pleased to have a blogger friend in Australia. (:>)
Sounds like an interesting life!
Jen said…
Hello, so nice to "meet" you. Thanks for stopping by my blog. We'll be living in Kellerberrin or Merriden (western Australia, somewhat near Perth). Loved your introduction. I'm always interested in learning more about Australia. Do you have a facebook?
Nancy said…
Nice to meet you! I have always wanted to visit Australia. I live in rural Missouri, so instead of kangaroos we have to watch not to hit deer with our cars. We have to go to the zoo to see kangaroos. When I lived in Florida we had to watch for alligators and large iguanas in the road.

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