Simple Woman's Daybook ~ March 9

FOR TODAY Saturday...

Outside my window... it is dark

I am thinking... I'm glad I feel a bit calmer, I seem to need more peace and quiet than usual

I am thankful for...
the wrens I saw on my front lawn

From the kitchen...
forequarter chops, and big boo hoo, we have run out of worcestershire sauce, but no matter

I am wearing... pink sleeveless shirt, it was cold this morning and hot this afternoon, nearly down to frosts already I think

I am creating... adding a book to my reserve list at the library, the second book in the series by Annette Smith

I am going... I'm house bound for two days, but that is OK

I am reading... just finished A Town Called Ruby Prairie sample chapter here pdf

I am hoping... the kids have a good week at school

I am hearing... have been listening to Ricky Skaggs

Around the house... Renae roses in a big old vase, reminds me of my hometown house with lovely sweet smelling osmanthus in autumn, a chair being repaired

One of my favorite things... the pretty blue sky and pink crepe myrtles and roses

A few plans for the rest of the week: bills, food shopping

Here is picture thought I am sharing...
homework, and fun old books


Out Back said…
Hi Linda, I have just caught up on all your posts that I got behind on. Thank you for adding my Dad to your prayer list.Thankfully he is now at home supposedly resting.

Some interesting posts as usual. I must try and post more often. DS has been hogging the computer since we have been home, playing his online game. He has his own computer but it slows everything down on mine so that is why I am on here so late while he is sleeping.

Our weather is lovely at the moment, I love this time of year.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

scrappy quilter said…
Another great post. Have a wonderful weekend.
Joyce said…
Hello, Linda,
I've been behind on reading friends' posts. It sounds like weather is becoming more pleasant for you. I've never heard of osmanthus. I just looked it up on and see that it is for much warmer climates than the Pacific Northwest. It sounds lovely.
Linda said…
Hi Joyce. I have grown three different kinds. There is a short one that I have next to the front door in a box shape. It is spring flowering. We have osmanthus birkwoodii which is tall and spring flowering. The one I mentioned doesn't need pruning, good for screens and smells like apricots.

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