30 Day Throw Down

Friday 11th

Breakfast: Weetbix, Weetharts, sultanas & milk
Lunch: Vegie Lavash Spirals ~ I used salad sprouts & Copperpot Chives & Garlic
Afternoon tea: 5 minute microwave mug cake (homemade) made in a icecream cone (I suppose it means it was a lot smaller?)
Tea: Spaghetti Bolognaise, bread & butter

Saturday 12th

Breakfast: Weetbix Weetharts, sultanas & Milk
Lunch: Left-over chilli con carne on toast, plus Vegemite toast
Afternoon tea: caramel popcorn, homemade recipe on bag
Tea: Tuna Casserole (apparently fish helps your immune system)
Supper: caramel popcorn

Sunday 13th

Breakfast: Pecan muesli & milk
Lunch: Gravy baked beans & toast, toast & Vegemite (we packed things to take to our new house in an Eski or cooler)
Afternoon tea: 1 Salada & Vegemite & butter
Tea: Pasta with pork sausages & tomato sauce


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