Give Me Five, sorry it's Tuesday

Give Me Five end-of-summer wrap up thoughts.

"Labor Day marks the unofficial end of summer time. I had some goals for this summer that went unattended. Also, some of you might want to sum up some of the summer time excitement that you did actually get around to...or some combination of both! :)"

I checked the blog yesterday a few times, and when I found out the theme, I thought, it's not summer here. But, it would be nice to say goodbye to winter in some way. Five things, that will stretch the memory.

1. The big achievement and fun around here was going to Canberra to watch our son graduate from university.

2. Another big achievement for me was to take our youngest daughter for her first circus performance.

3. We moved a quite large tree before it shot for spring.

4. Our daughter won a scholarship to Malaysia so that was fun going to get her passport photo etc. and buying some clothes for her at Target.

5. We took our van away to be crushed. Sad day but it was great, got some money and it made our house look tidier.


Joyce said…
Hi, Linda!
It's fun to see that you've joined in on this meme!

Now that your son has graduated, does he have a certain job in mind? I wonder if employment is easy to find in Australia.

Also, I hope your daughter has a wonderful time studying in Malaysia.

I wonder if Target in Australia carries quite different items that Target here? That would be interesting to see.

See you!
Vivian said…
congrats to your children...and to the car!
have a great week
DayPhoto said…
Thank you for stopping by and commenting on my blog. I have now joined yours and look forward to getting to know you better.

Linda said…
Hi Joyce.

My son works fulltime in a government office. We sent him to a university with five stars for getting employment which has turned out to be true in his case as well. He applied for a 1 1/2 years ago? and they let him work I forget about 2 days a week and he cut his subjects down to 3 I think it was and he finished his degree 6 months later than he should have. They also paid for the books and the fees he acculumated while working with them.

I would love to know about Target too. I wonder if the site would work for you to look at?

Hi Linda, I am excited about that, welcome.

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