Our Weekend Memoirs

Our Weekend Memoirs

This week seems very busy when I look back on it. For a start, I actually got some length cut from my hair. About the length of a large comb. It is still long, but it doesn't seem that way to me. But I feel tidier, I think.

On Sunday we checked out our new house, and were disappointed our surrounds have been damaged by the new sewerage system. I am sure my husband can fix the fence creasing, latch and bending, but disappointed in my main tree in the drive being gone, because of the view it blocked. Also a piece of driveway is missing and not even cut cleanly. We hope to talk to them in case they go around the front and damage the pickets. I am glad I'm not actually living there at the moment, I did turn up in the middle of this activity but couldn't see, they were very close to the fence and I couldn't see over or drive down to look, too much machinery to wander by either. It is also a very serious job and I didn't want to disturb them.

There is water by the roadsides, probably drying up today, I wonder if any tadpoles are in there, or if they will be in there soon, or will it dry up beforehand?

We finished up the week by letting the fire in our wood heater go out, so woke up with no heater on. It was so hot before it went out I was wearing shorts. So far so good, though when I had the electric heater on this morning I noticed it was in vain as someone had left the sliding door nearby slightly ajar. I am trying to clear up a chest infection, otherwise it wouldn't matter. Slightly under 20 oC inside, but now it is fine.

This photo was taken last Wednesday. The weather yesterday (Sunday) was lovely.


Willa said…
i like the backround although it looks like a gloomy weather.
Ebie said…
Hi Linda, lots of activities going on for you. I hope your hubby will get everything fixed! Love your gray skies, looks so dreamy...

Enjoy your week!

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