Where is the chook shed?

Those of you who read my post about keeping chickens may remember the chook house we had. This photo was taken a few weeks ago (the post was dated 9th August) after my husband finished weeding. We decided to move the chook shed. Mostly because the space between the pond and the chook shed was too small and therefore dangerous because of the real possibility of getting trapped with a snake.

We had a Japanese maple tree that needed moving away from the back verandah at the new house to allow it to grow. So it is behind the pond in place of the chook shed. The chook shed needed a little work, and unfortunately needed to be cut to be moved. So it is in pieces stacked against the fence in the place we may put it up again. Ironically snakes could get in the grass around it, but hopefully we can do something about that or hurry and either put it together or take it away.


Gennasus said…
When will you be getting your chickens? Ours are fab, wouldn't be without them. I'll look out for the arrival of yours
Snakes and chooks are always an Issue....
You are right to think of such obstacles.

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