30 Days of Thanksgiving ~ Day 3

~ miles of dandelions by the side of the road, so pretty
~ continuing employment for my husband
~ friendly people passing by my newer house
~ my garden
~ an extra day holiday to do our outstanding jobs

The theme for today is our homes. I am lucky enough (even though it wasn't planned) to have two homes. Even though we plan on only having one in the future (hopefully near future!) each one blesses me in different ways.

During my recent visit there I was taken by the garden, and in the spring weather everything looked nice, even our half finished painted ceiling in the nice light. The rose pictured is a David Austin and at our current house would grow. I haven't seen so many flowers on it!

In the lead up to summer in Australia we are all remembering the bushfires of last year and the lives and homes lost. Though Flowerdale for example looks lovely now (I suppose I mean the rebuilding is pretty), and they are still apparently getting important visits, this is a positive spin on the untold suffering people have endured and others may suffer lots in the coming months, I pray not. I wish us all a wonderful summer.

I was watching Jamie Oliver's American roadtrip, the New Orleans episode. I don't think Australians, or me in particular were aware of just how many lives were lost there during Katrina, possibly three times as many. How horrible. Thinking of all those affected by more recent Gustav.


MyJourneyBack said…
Lovely post. Thanks for sharing your Thankful heart. And your compassion for others. I am in Texas and we saw the devestation from Katrina. We helped a family. I cannot imagine being without a home. Thanks for sharing your heart.
Linda said…
Thanks Sherry.

I should mention the figure for Katrina was something like 1,500 for us Aussies. Astounding.

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