30 Days of Thanksgiving ~ Day 4

~ getting the harder part of my menu done, to use up items in my Christmas hamper that is coming next week from Hamper King (the new catalogue is fabulous)
~ using that to get matching F&V order
~ a quiet day at work for my husband so he can catch up
~ our money not holding us up on a deadline to put in a uni accomodation offer
~ finding the recipes I need from last year, as some are no longer online
~ a funny episode of Good Chef, Bad Chef, they were making pasta sauce

Today the theme is the phone. I used the phone to order my hampers.

I am thankful for my phone to do some bill paying. I remember the queues in the bank. I enjoyed it at the time in some ways because they were bank cheques they made up for me, and they didn't bounce and I would post them etc. I remember the downsides though, like one time my little child went up the bank stairs to the top floor! Luckily I didn't have to go inside the office to get the child out!

Thank you Karla for your prayer about phones.

"Heavenly Father... today I want to thank You for the phone
and how You've used it for ministry and blessing throughout the world.
I know that every blessing You give to us can
be used or abused and the same is true of the phone so I ask
You to teach us how to use it wisely and teach our children
to do the same. Be blessed Lord. Amen."

Karla's Korner is a great blog. Karla is an inspiring artist and author. Please check out the coloring in pages.


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