30 Days of Thanksgiving

Thanks to the lovely Karen I found this blog carnival. I am glad because I very much regret not being organised to participate in the weekly Thanksgiving Thursdays. I don't write anything down like I did. So this way I can do a post when I think of something, and I always seem to. However, that still may not compensate for my memory! But it is worth a try. I know I will feel better for participating. So thanks Karen. The host blog is at Karla's. The blog Karla Dornacher. Because it is the 2nd here already I had better hop to it soon!

1st: I was thankful my daughter started attending church.

"Today... will you give thanks for the person
or people who introduced you to Jesus?
Will you take a moment to praise Him for being ALL you need...
yesterday, today and forever?"

As far as I know it was my uncle's care that helped me. He also gave me a love for healthy foods, for which I am grateful also. There has always been people put in my life at the right times for what I need, and it is helpful to remember that as regards the future.


I saw the photo of the screen door, its nice. I should post a photo of our screen door, I think you would like it. We inherited it with the house, and to be honest as soon as I can afford it I will be replacing it with a PVC one, exactly the same, but no maintenance, as the one we have is wooden.

Gill in Canada
scrappy quilter said…
Wonderful post. We do have so much to be thankful for, don't we. I'm going to so enjoy reading these.
May your daughter continue to seek God and one day has a relationship with Him.
Linda said…
She does, and started going to Youth Group before church if that makes sense.
Karen said…
Wonderful news about your daughter starting church. I'm glad that we both found Karla's 30 days of Thanksgiving---it will be fun to see what everyone is thankful for. Karen

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