Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY Wednesday...

Outside my window... it is dark

I am thinking... about my husband who has shingles

I am thankful for... the offer of two weeks free labour on our other house by a relative

I am wearing... it got warm tonight, so board shorts and sleeveless shirt, though we still have the windows closed

I am remembering... I still have lots of school notices to put on the calendar

I am going... depending on how my husband feels and how my back is, I may drive out to the highway to pick up our son who has a three day weekend

I am reading... nothing, my computer is crashed, but I don't think the library has any books for me until tomorrow, I did actually finish one today though The Things I Know Best by Lynne Hinton

I am hoping... my computer is up again soon, doing a quick post on the laptop, luckily the network is working OK

On my mind... my husband's illness

Noticing that... nothing has really changed, though it is supposed to be cold on Monday

From the kitchen... Mexican Macaroni Cheese, it was quite nice

Around the house... I cleaned the stove today, our eldest daughter was kind enough to cook last night waiting for her Dad to come home, and has helped out with the dishwasher, I couldn't bend that far

One of my favourite things... how it is finally time to plant spring bulbs, we have some to put out, now to do it

From my picture journal... I have pictures from my husband's work trip he did on Monday and Tuesday, it is Wednesday now, I was wondering why he went to bed early there on the last night, as least he didn't have to drive the 5 1/2 hours home. He stayed in the building on the left.

St. Kilda, Melbourne, Victoria

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