Skywatch Friday

These photos were taken on Monday in Melbourne Australia. My husband was on a work trip. He flew there which was handy as he found out later he was suffering from shingles and the long drive home may have been hard for him. Plus he avoided the time when the kangaroos and wombats and deer are out, not to mention the odd goat or fox.

I am familiar with this beach at St. Kilda, though it has been awhile since I have been there. I think our middle daughter first saw the beach there, I know we have photos of it. A family member used to live nearby.

The grass seems a lot drier there than it does here. Could be the type of grass, but I don't think so.


Laura Hegfield said…
wonderful photos...I'm sorry to hear your husband has shingles...I had a nasty bout of it last year, not fun.
Debbie said…
Hope he wasn't in too much pain with the shingles. I would love to go to Melbourne...never been. My 2 boys have and loved it.
Carolyn Ford said…
Beautiful photos of a place I want to visit! The sky looks as though a storm is brewing! I hope your husband gets over his bout with shingles soon.
Bill said…
Great photos. He did well.
Joyce said…
Hi Linda,
I hope your husband soon feels better. My husband had shingles, too, years ago. He said it was quite painful.

The beach shots are gorgeous!
Still at Home said…
Hello Linda,
Nice pictures. My son was excited to see the Spirit of Tasmania.
Linda said…
I was thinking of you when I posted that picture Ann.

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