I finally worked out how to type while lying sideways, just put my fingers on the homekeys and type away. I have hurt my back for the second time this year, the third time in my life. I hope it is able to heal reasonably quickly so I can travel in the car to my commitments which have been put off again, but that may turn out better if it works out. I was only at the chiropractor just over a week ago. First time since 2003.

My husband and middle daughter are helping the boys to shift house in the city, they are at that annoying stage where lots of small items seem to be an overwhelming amount, just before there is nothing.

I am not cold, it has been raining, pouring then it stops again for awhile.

During the week I was talking to a Mum at school, just before my back went out I think, about her 4x4. The newer ones have whatever gear she drives in on the slippery roads, then she says when she slows down the gears automatically go back into two wheel drive. I wore my old jacket that day wishing I had bought one this year, maybe that is the last I have to wear it and I will be able to buy one next year.

That was the afternoon before my dentists appointment and sadly it had to be cancelled.

How did the reunion go? Well for my age group, I would recommend to anyone; really. I couldn't see the point, but it was a amazing experience. Anything that puts a perspective on things, especially when the memories are so old is worth it. I am not sure how many were at our school reunion of our year level, but it was a big long table or two and just the right number I thought. A little bit hard in that in those days the kids from the city and the kids from the country were a little separate, well the city girls are very pretty lol. They were all very inclusive on me and my husband said I looked very confident and smiley. I saw two people that I didn't know I was so close to until I saw them again. I really like their spirit and enjoyed their company very much. I came home two hours before everyone else, I guess I am not used to not thinking about the kids. Maybe I could work on that. I was there three and a half hours.

I like how you can look and hear what is going on and put your middle aged or whatever us 46-7 year olds call ourselves, wisdom to what people are saying. It is nice to be in the company of peers. I live in a small town and my husband is older than I am. There are probably some here my age that I could mix with I guess, it is hard to tell people's ages, especially if you don't know how you appear to others.

I have pics from my husband's trip to Leeton to share, and maybe some from the city later, this will have to do for now. I have so missed blogging!


Jan said…
So sorry to hear that you are laid up with your back....do hope you do heal fairly quickly. Was there something in particular that put it out?
Yes, moving can be a daunting experience, and it is always great when the job is done.
It has been quite warm here, too, even overnights.
Pleased for you that you enjoyed your reunion so much.
Look forward to your pics.... and pleased you have joined the WWW Forum.
Love and Hugs - Jan
Miss Eagle said…
Hope you are up and about soon, Linda. And don't overdo it even if you are lying sideways.

Blessings and bliss
Out Back said…
Oh dear Linda, you are in a worse predicament than me. At least I can sit from time to time. While laying on the couch, I had my laptop on the floor next to me so I could still use it(sad I know!)

Sore backs are painful in more ways than one. When I have hurt mine on occasion it makes me feel unwell.

Sorry it has been so cold for you, we have been having lovely days similar to Spring. COLD today though, wind is straight from the south pole.

Be careful and rest up my friend.

belinda said…
Hi Linda,

You have my complete empathy. Thankfully my memories of that period are now 3 years behind me but I remember it being an extremely frustrating time.

Kind Regards
Linda said…
Thank you, and I've been trying Miss Eagle.

Tania I noticed Wagga had a cold temp today on my weather widget. My daughter has been miserable in Canberra I think, and even my husband said it was cold in Canberra. It must have been hard for them with going in and out of the houses and heavy showers.

My daughter has been feeding the fire well, we have been busy so I hope the wood pile is holding up.

I also appreciate my age group of Aussie bloggers after the reunion, I know there are a few including Tania & Joolz.
Tracy said…
Hi Linda,
I truly hope your back is better soon. I've missed your blogging and it was nice to catch up today.
Take care
Linda said…
Jan I think it was emotional or nothing in particular.

I have been a lot better today, though just now I feel a bit stiff.

Thank you Tracy.

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