Chick Ute Kind Of Thing

This was our first experience after our seachange of a street parade. Even though I love my 4x4 that has a good engine, and have owned a Monaro in the past I don't see myself like that. Remember that I have a large family and for 11 years drove a 4 cylinder van on gas (LPG), slowly. I listen to Adam Brand, love his car in the DVD of the making of Eve, but I am not in that space. Except to say that I do love my car, and really it is a distraction or perk of living here, that keeps me amused. Utes are going to America now, only they are called a different name. I hope to get the album with this song in it if my shop gets it in sometime.

The church pew in the clip reminds me of a shop that sells them. Another joy were the shops when I first saw them. One is still very 60s on the outside, very nice it would have been then, lovely display windows. It is called an Emporium. It has upstairs and has lovely things like butter churns that I haven't bought yet, but would like to if I had the spare cash. When I was little Mum made butter and we used to squeeze out the buttermilk with a wooden spoon.

There was an organic dairy here until recently that had real cream. Real cream is thin, and really I should have been buying it regularly. I cannot get the same satisfaction eating something like apple pie or stewed apple etc. without this thin pouring cream, it is just the best.

The other shop, is by modern standards perhaps easily overlooked. It has a lot of stock, but a fantastic shop. The prices are very cheap, yes, even for way out here. There is no way anyone could go broke buying clothes here, they are very reasonable and even the op-shop is fantastic. There were two other ones in the closest towns that were great too, however, one had to close which is very sad. You can see there has been a lot of change since 2004. We had come here for a job interview in 2001, and it had changed a lot even from that time.

Our son started to learn how to drive in 2005, our second year here on our treechange. At first I thought he could just find a quiet country road, or track to learn the basics on. I am not sure, but I don't think there really were any. But they did get going and he did drive quite a few hours while hubby took scenery photos.

One thing I found particularly hard to do that year was to organise Christmas. My daughter went with me to the shops as I didn't really leave her with anyone just took her everywhere with me. We do get Chrisco and all those deliveries, haven't had a time when they wouldn't deliver, though I think it was on the cards once, but not sure. They just keep sending letters that delivery was going ahead and it did. I have had Chrisco for many years.


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