Simple Woman's Daybook ~ June 30


Outside My Window... a quiet day outside, dull with stripey clouds, roses that need pruning

I am thinking... about our dog. He had a sore foot, and the vet says he has a sore shoulder and he now is on pain killers and is going to have an x-ray

I am thankful for... the pain killers for the dog, it is winter so not very pleasant to be in pain as well

From the kitchen... our son is frying ham

I am wearing... turtle neck, shoes & socks, light polar fleece windcheater which isn't quite enough, it is a little chilly

I am creating... my Monday blog posts or link ups

I am going... grocery shopping this week

I am reading... trying to read Mother Mason by Bess Streeter Aldrich, I could really relate to the first few pages, Mother Mason is like me in a few years time, she has five children as well, but my three daughters came and sat on the bed with me, and I didn't get any further with it.

I am hoping... our holiday goes well

I am hearing... the little girls playing electronic games, but in the meantime someone kicked or knocked over a tin of beads!

Around the house... hubby is at home on holidays and is fixing a guitar

One of my favorite things... watching sheep

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: hubby has asked me to think about the design of our new garden as we have to move some existing plants

Here is picture thought I am sharing... a photo I took yesterday.


flmom said…
Mmmmmmmmmmm ... I can smell the ham frying! I have to admit that is a wonderfully delicious smell and one I don't think of often.
Hi. Nice to 'meet' you through your Daybook. Ham frying - great smell! Come by and see my Daybook. :)


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