Thankful Thursday ~ June 26

This is my first Thankful Thursday on my new blog, which I suppose means I have made a commitment to my new blog. Here is my last TT post there so you know who I am.

This is the week before the winter school holidays here and also the lead up to the children getting their school reports. We also are able to visit the ballet school to watch. My eldest is on university holidays as he is in another State. I am thankful that he had a two safe flights to visit his girlfriend's parents and her little nephew and family, and was able to visit some fun places in our State's capital city.

We were able to have another left-over meal this week. The dhal was great reheated. Being a large family left-overs don't happen a lot. The left-over coincided with a busy day at work for hubby. We have to take the first few days of holidays slowly rather than expect the wow factor or some improvement, as if you have been doing too much I have found this to be better. I think we get a couple of days overstrung sometimes.

Last Thursday I drove 50 minutes to go shopping through heavy fog. Well it was on the way home I had the problem. I had seen a calf on the side of the road on the way there. I was thankful that when I met a car in fog on the way back in that spot, that the calf was not on the road.

My husband had his birthday last week. We had a pinata, teacake, some magazines, his favourite cornchips & salsa and gingerbeer (fake). I am thankful that all the children seem very content afterwards. We also had rabbit balloons that we didn't manage to learn how to blow up the ears, even though our daughter's friend kindly told us how to do it.

The next day I enjoyed the letter from ebay about paypal and the enclosed incentitive for me to join, though I haven't managed that yet. In Australia we have probably two weeks to get an account or we will be unable to pay for our items. Until I work it out I am using Oztion instead, if I do manage it that is.

My eldest daughter managed to go to another Youth Group function which I am very thankful about. It was a nice bonfire. I am thankful we are past the shortest day here, but with spring comes lots of change and lots to do, so I will try to enjoy winter while it lasts.

I am grateful for the wood hubby and second son collected on Saturday. Our son found some interesting wildlife in the logs, and it was interesting to here him talk about it.

I noticed my sasanqua camellia has caught up with others around the town and is now flowering.

I am thankful that although we have colds, everyone is feeling OK and they are not getting worse despite the cold weather.

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Denise said…
I enjoyed your post sweetie, wishing you many blessings.
Linda said…
Thank you Denise, I appreciate it a lot. Hugs.
That's a nice thankful post! Happy belated Birthday to your husband!
Nice to meet you. Of course we are in summertime here in the southeatern united states with brutal temperatures and humidity. It is a blessing that everything is green since we're in the dry season but we did have much spring rain.
I enjoyed reading your TT list, a reflection of your life there.
Blessings and health for you and your family.
Mama Bear
genny said…
Thats a nice post of you...Thanks for sharing it...Happy TT!
Melanie said…
Linda, A wonderful list of blessings!

Happy Thankful Thursday!
Darlene said…
Great TT post. It seems funny reading about it being cold and etc. when it is like 95 degrees here. I hope your spring is beautiful and refreshing!

Have a fabulous week!
eph2810 said…
Cool that you have switched to blogger :)
I am glad that you were safe traveling back from the store in the fog.
Happy belated birthday to your beloved - glad that you were able to celebrate!!!

Thank you so much for sharing your grateful heart with us.

Be blessed today and always.
Linda said…
Thank you all for your lovely comments. Thanks for your wishes for hubby's birthday.

I got a picture of my flower on the sidebar, and ebay has postponed the change, which is good too.

It is very hard with the weather so opposite especially this time of year, you are very kind, and thanks Darlene. More about spring this week.

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