Welcome to my new blog.

I really enjoyed blogging with Homesteadblogger, however, I wanted a blog like most of you, and wanted to try out some things I think homesteadblogger either can't do or I have been too lazy to find out about. I was going to have a plain background and use colours from degraeve color palette generator from my picture, but maybe later on I will do that. I have always admired this brown background, so I am sure it will suit me for awhile.

I really didn't think I could use Blogger, can you believe it? I was very much encouraged I think by Tina & Jeff's new blog, some penny just dropped I think.

I was also trying to improve my existing blog, after my blog review. I still have much to work on.


flmom said…
I am still learning the feel of Blogger myself. I blogged on Homestead Blogger a long time ago (when I knew nothing about how to change anything about the templates and didn't have a digital camera so I could post pics) then switched to Homeschool Blogger. I started having some posting and login issues with the latter so I came to Blogger to give it a try. So far I like it, but I still have much to learn!

Still at Home said…
Hello Linda,
I like your new blog. You seem to have it all well under control. I'll have to ask you for tips on Blogger - mine is very basic.

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