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I was tagged by Susan at A Happy Heart At Home. I loved reading Susan's tag post and Jan before her, great photos girls. Thank you Susan. Susan also tagged Carolyn, I loved that post.

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I tagged some people not that long ago, so won't be tagging anyone today. If you are reading this consider yourself tagged. Yes, you, if you want to join in the fun.

5 Things I love:

1. Perennial flowers

I have been looking at the flowers on the July Bloomday, and realised how much I like perennials. I saw an astilbe on one of the entries, found an online store and bought one for near our pond. Today I saw some cape gooseberry seeds for sale as well. They probably are all in the category of antique plants. I like unusual bulbs as well, like the one above. I was horified to find out that we had accidently pulled up a thorn apple. We may have actually bought it from the craft shop. But really, I think they are a tobacco paddock weed. I assumed it came up in some silt that someone put in the garden once I think at our new house. Many weeds from tobacco paddocks I think were once useful plants, but a bit on the toxic side.

2. The Bush

I was driving to the place where I do my groceries last week, and I particularly enjoyed the green lichen or moss on the sides of a bank in the bush, it was lime green. The colour came out because of a spring or the wet weather. I really enjoy that sort of thing. I often fed out cows when I was little. One place we fed sometimes was a place that had spring water coming out of the place where they had cut the road, the small bank. I must have been in the bush more than I realised over the years because I love driving through it. I was devastated, well not really, when a paddock of native grass was made into nice improved pasture. The native grass gave the impression the place was miles from anywhere. It probably is, but it doesn't seem like it now. I love shale as well.

3. Blue Hills

One reason I could give you to not move from here is the blue hills. I grew up with them. I remember once looking at a house to buy 10 minutes of of our hometown once and just the view of the hill with bush on it was a good incentive to want the house. The last house in our hometown had a tiny glimpse of the bush on a hill, and I loved that. I had to crane my neck a little. Some people can't live away from those hills and I can relate to that. I in some ways like my kids to experience them.

4. Reading Historical Christian fiction

Well, I have read two of these books so far. I have read lots of Lauraine Snelling. The book I have read the most in this category is one by Stephen Bly, The Outlaw's Twin Sister. I like Ginny Aiken and Catherine Palmer.

5. My car.

My car might be an SUV, but it runs on LPG, if that helps. It was so easy to drive after my people mover. I was watching Chick Ute Kind Of Thing yesterday, and I think I can relate to some of their utes better than I thought possible. I've left out the front of the car, driving lights, bullbar & aerial.


Lori said…
I have been reading your blog for about a month or so, because my daughter was going/was at World Youth Day, and suddenly I am interested in Australia.
I have enjoyed the view of your world so much.
But imagine my surprise when I see a book entitled 'Minnesota' in your post. I live in Minnesota, work at a library, and have never heard of the book/series/author. Well, I'll be looking now, but what a long way around! Thanks again for your posts.
GinnyAiken said…
Hi, Linda. I'm so glad you enjoy my writing. Just wanted to let you know you have a wonderful blog! I'm jealous. I can barely keep up with the writing, and I have a 17 yr old boy at home, too--interesting creatures, aren't they?

Ginny Aiken
Linda said…
Hi Lori & Ginny. Thank you both for your lovely comments and compliment.

I hope the Minnesota book is good, it is intriguing, I will have to try and read it soon. I always think of Minnesota in two different ways and sometimes forget they are the same place. I remember that the Ingalls moved from there and it was colder in Sth. Dakota. Then I have to remember that Minnesota is very cold too in winter.

I think I got the book in a lot on ebay. Ginny I got Light Of My Heart on ebay too I think! I haven't read the third book in the series yet. I think I bought the second one, Song Of My Soul retail.

17 year old boys are interesting creatures.

Thank you both for visiting.

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